Bridget Liberty Halligan '11 CLAS


As prospective Villanova students, we were promised an inclusive and vibrant community of peers, professors and alumni that would help us grow into passionate and intelligent people.

As students, we discovered that community, and we were able to explore our essential beings. We were supported by people who truly cared about the development of our whole person.

As alumni, we realize the investment was worth it.

I graduated with eight best friends, a handful of mentors and an education that taught me more than just my subject matter. I'm more than a BA in Political Science—though I owe a lot to that department and its faculty and staff. I'm a problem solver. I'm a friend. I'm a passionate learner who is hungry to make the world safer, happier and more accessible for all.

I give back so that we can continue to build our strong community—one based on an education rooted in the liberal arts, dedicated to service of others and made up of people from diverse backgrounds.