Andrew Lentz '08

Andrew Lentz

Villanova University Club of Greater DC
Andrew Lentz ’08, Club President

Andrew Lentz wants Villanova to be a household name across the country and in particular the DC metro area. When he first moved to DC, he didn't know anyone and was especially thankful to have a home away from home in the Villanova Club of Washington, DC.  “I feel a special obligation to those who come after me to provide the strongest possible network for the newcomer who took a chance and moved to a city where they were starting out from scratch.”

Says Lentz, “I've been continually impressed with the direction Villanova has been going for the past 10 years. I think Fr. Donohue has made enormous headway in building the university's brand and it shows in people's reactions when I tell them I went to Villanova. I'm very proud that we have become a standard bearer academically, athletically and spiritually for other universities in the country.”

Andrew has lived and worked in Washington, DC for almost 10 years. During his time in the capital, he has held positions on Capitol Hill, a national political party, a cabinet agency of the federal government and now works for Deloitte doing consulting for federal clients. Andrew earned a MA in Government and an MBA from Johns Hopkins University in 2016.