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  • Ricaurte Vásquez Morales, Ph.D. CLAS ‘73

    Ricaurte Vásquez Morales, Ph.D. CLAS ‘73

    Ricaurte Vásquez Morales, PhD, '73 CLAS, will officially begin his tenure as the new Administrator of the Panama Canal.

  • Bob Byrnes '76 VSB

    Bob Byrnes '76 VSB

    Since Bob graduated in 1976, his commitment to the University has been unwavering. He has volunteered thousands of hours to advancing Villanova: he founded two Regional Clubs, served as VUAA President, chaired the Annual Giving Campaign Committee, hosted numerous New Student Send-Off events and much more. Read more about Bob's alumni experience and why he gives back.

  • Recognized by Pope Francis

  • Nova DC Alumni Softball Squad

  • Shawn Jones '93 VSB

    Shawn Jones '93 VSB

    Shawn has stayed connected to the Villanova community and especially loves coming back to campus. This May, he'll return to campus for his 25th Reunion. Read more about Shawn and his family of Villanova "fanatics".

  • Mindy ’92 and Mark ’94, Law ’99 Hacker

    Mindy ’92 and Mark ’94, Law ’99 Hacker

    Villanova holds a special place in the hearts of Mindy and Mark Hacker. The Hackers can’t imagine not being involved with Villanova. Villanova is part of the fabric of their family as Mindy and Mark met at Villanova, and were married at the Villanova Church.

  • Palm Beach Club Leadership

    Palm Beach Club Leadership

    Dimitri Chimerakis ’08, Nannette Cassidy ’85 and Joe Groglio ’80 are co-presidents in the Villanova University Club of Palm Beach. The combined talents of this trio offer many opportunities to the club they serve.

  • Andrew Lentz '08

    Andrew Lentz '08

    Andrew Lentz wants Villanova to be a household name across the country and in particular the DC metro area.

  • Gwen Burlingame '12 VSB and Katy Flannery '12 CON

    Gwen Burlingame '12 VSB and Katy Flannery '12 CON

    The former college roommates believe ice cream should be enjoyed by all, even those who are lactose intolerant, like Flannery.

  • Bowstring Studios

    Bowstring Studios

    Sean Quinn '00 COE, '10 MBA and Enrique Mendoza '00 COE, '02 MS lived on the same floor in St. Monica Hall during their freshman year and in 2001, they founded their own production agency–Bowstring Studios.

  • Stephanie (Butler) Buxhoeveden '09 CON

    Stephanie (Butler) Buxhoeveden '09 CON

    Stephanie (Butler) Buxhoeveden ’09 BSN, RN, CCRN, MSCN is an inspirational example of how a person can take devastating news and turn it into a way to create change and instill hope in others.

  • Alyssa Collins '12 CLAS, '13 MS

    Alyssa Collins '12 CLAS, '13 MS

    Alyssa's defining Villanova moment didn't occur on campus, but instead in Belize on a service trip during her junior year. Now, Alyssa is passionate about giving back to the scholarship fund that made her service trip possible.

  • Alfred S. Mannella ’58 VSB

    Alfred S. Mannella ’58 VSB

    Looking back on his time at Villanova from 1954 to 1958, Alfred Mannella fondly remembers Falvey Memorial Library. A Philadelphia native, Mannella enlisted in the US Navy after high school and became a 10-year veteran of the Naval Air Reserve. Enrolling at Villanova in 1954 as a “day-hop”, the Falvey Memorial Library soon became his study hall and his librarian was Rev. Daniel P. Falvey, OSA, PhD.

  • Kimberly and John Thacker ’84 VSB

    Kimberly and John Thacker ’84 VSB

    John Thacker is a Senior Managing Director and Founding Partner of Crestline Denali Capital, L.P., an alternatives investment management firm specializing in syndicated commercial loans and collateralized loan obligation funds. But John has enjoyed much success beyond his career in business.

  • Meaghan Delaney ’12 VSB

    Meaghan Delaney ’12 VSB

    I am a legacy Villanova alumna. My father graduated from Villanova and my grandfather received his master’s degree from Villanova. Their involvement and philanthropy paved the way for me, and for the great experience I had at Villanova. The University is such a big part of our family and I am proud to join my father and grandfather in giving back to our alma mater.

  • Ron Cruse '77 CLAS

    Ron Cruse '77 CLAS

    “Give a man a fish you feed him for day, teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.” Ron Cruse recalls his parents sharing this expression many times as he was growing up. “From a very young age, my parents talked to me about the importance of social responsibility and of the personal fulfillment found in helping, within the means of one's own time and financial capability, to pave a path of greater opportunity for succeeding generations.”

  • John and Susan Riley P'19

    John and Susan Riley P'19

    Villanova parents John and Susan Riley are igniting change through their support of the University. The current CFO of PepsiCo North American Nutrition, John is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School. Susan is a graduate of the University of California and a dedicated mother, fundraiser and community education volunteer.

  • Ellie Wright '16 CLAS

    Ellie Wright '16 CLAS

    Ellie credits her love of documentary filmmaking to Villanova's social justice documentary program—where she learned the ropes and became a two-time Student Academy Award Finalist. Ellie served as the President of the Senior Class Gift Committee because the alumni network supported her and she hopes to pay it forward.

  • James Restelli '08, VSB

    James Restelli '08, VSB

    Co President of the Chicago Chapter and Young Alumni Circle Member

  • Frank Falcone '70 COE, '73 MS and Robert Pizzano '70 COE

    Frank Falcone '70 COE, '73 MS and Robert Pizzano '70 COE

    “Become a part of your gift,” Bob said. “Go on a service trip, or just come back to campus. It truly opens your eyes to the importance of supporting Villanova students.”

  • John Charles (JC) Lamb '11 CLAS, '14 MA

    John Charles (JC) Lamb '11 CLAS, '14 MA

    Since I made my first gift in 2011 through the Senior Class Gift program, and as I continue to give back as a member of the Young Alumni Circle, I’ve witnessed how much of a difference donor support has on current students.

  • F. Davis '77 VSB, P '10 and Lynda P '10 Camalier

    F. Davis '77 VSB, P '10 and Lynda P '10 Camalier

  • Simit '00 and Ankita Shah

    Simit '00 and Ankita Shah

    Simit Shah graduated from Villanova University with a BS in Chemistry in 2000.

  • Gerry '73 VSB and Randee Curciarello

    Gerry '73 VSB and Randee Curciarello

    Gerry Curciarello graduated from Villanova with a BS in Economics in 1973. When reflecting about what made Villanova so important to him, Gerry recalls, “There wasn’t just one thing..."

  • Abe and Zarina Badani P '09, '12

    Abe and Zarina Badani P '09, '12

    Abe and Zarina Badani joined the Villanova community in 2005 when their son, Faisal '09 VSB, was a freshman. They joined the Parents Executive Committee that year and a few years later, their daughter, Jasmine '12 VSB, enrolled at Villanova.

  • Jim Radecki Jr. P '14, '16

    Jim Radecki Jr. P '14, '16

    As soon as my daughter walked on to campus, it felt like home to her. I saw the development of my daughter almost instantly.

  • Tahir Qadeer ’10 VSB

    Tahir Qadeer ’10 VSB

    I work with two Villanova alumni, who are my mentors. So for me, it has an impact on me every day of my life.

  • Jeffrey Wagner ’07 CLAS

    Jeffrey Wagner ’07 CLAS

    My wife Lori and I proudly and consistently support Villanova University because of the firm foundation it has provided my career.

  • Katie Kokol '05 VSB

    Katie Kokol '05 VSB

    I have an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the education I received, the opportunities I was offered and the life lessons I learned. My way of saying “thank you” is to pay it forward, and I feel fortunate to be able to do so.

  • Theresa Uminga ’92 CLAS

    Theresa Uminga ’92 CLAS

    For Theresa, the reason she gives back is simple: she wouldn’t have been able to attend Villanova without the financial aid she received, including scholarships and work-study funding.

  • Daniel E. Trucil '08 CLAS, '11 MA

    Daniel E. Trucil '08 CLAS, '11 MA

    I was lucky enough to enjoy two Villanova commencement weekends, and there's a single moment in each that will forever capture what the school community means to me.

  • Roxanne Chalifoux '15 CLAS

    Roxanne Chalifoux '15 CLAS

    I’m supporting the University Band with my Senior Class Gift because I have incredible memories while attending Villanova Athletics events.

  • Jerry Quinn '87 VSB

    Jerry Quinn '87 VSB

    I am proud to be a Villanovan and continue the tradition of giving back to a place that provided so much to me when I needed it most.

  • Neil Scott '08 CLAS

    Neil Scott '08 CLAS

    Villanova is more than an academic institution. It's a catalyst for future success. . .

  • Linda Bellopede Brown '85 CLAS

    Linda Bellopede Brown '85 CLAS

    To continue the legacy for all future Villanovans.

  • Bridget Liberty Halligan '11 CLAS

    Bridget Liberty Halligan '11 CLAS

    I graduated with eight best friends, a handful of mentors and an education that taught me more than just my subject matter.

  • Caroline DiStefano '14 CLAS

    Caroline DiStefano '14 CLAS

    With the help of young alumni, I could only hope that Villanova’s strong tradition of community and fellowship across disciplines will continue to thrive.

  • Juliet and Alex ’86 VSB Martins

    Juliet and Alex ’86 VSB Martins

    Amid his success, Martins, a New Jersey native, and his wife, Juliet, have made Villanova University a priority.

  • Jo Anne '07 CLAS, '08 MA and Anthony '06 VSB Modarelli

    Jo Anne '07 CLAS, '08 MA and Anthony '06 VSB Modarelli

    We truly believe that there is an indefinable quality that makes someone uniquely Villanovan, and we feel honored to have had the opportunity to go here.

  • Sara Parr '10 CLAS

    Sara Parr '10 CLAS

    I make designated gifts to Student Development because the programs they run - especially the Campus Activities Team - truly shaped my Villanova experience.

  • Caroline Packer '13 CLAS

    Caroline Packer '13 CLAS

    I was taught at a young age that to whom much is given, much is expected.

  • Anita and Fred Loveland P '12, '15

    Anita and Fred Loveland P '12, '15

    The minute we walked onto the Villanova University campus in the summer of 2006, we knew that it was a special place.

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