Villanova Crowdfunding

Villanova Crowdfunding is a new platform that provides student organizations and affinity groups with the opportunity to raise funds for new projects, programs and initiatives so Villanovans can be empowered to ignite change on campus and in the world.

Alumni, parents, friends and students can directly support these groups by making a gift through an interactive online platform. This platform gives donors the ability to track the group’s progress and see who else is donating to the campaign. All donations go directly to the student group accounts and are fully tax-deductible. No fees are removed from the donation amount.

Our fall Crowdfunding campaigns will launch in October. We are currently accepting Crowdfunding applications for our spring campaigns.

The pilot phase of Villanova Crowdfunding featured successful campaigns for the following groups:

Villanova Band - $10,275 raised
Villanova Men's Club Ice Hockey - $5,740 raised
Villanova Dance Team - $3,613 raised
The Villanovan Newspaper - $3,585 raised

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowdfunding?

In a general sense, crowdfunding uses an online fundraising tool to raise money from a large number of donors toward the goal of a specific project or program. Villanova Crowdfunding is specifically for student organizations and affinity groups.

How can my group use Villanova Crowdfunding?

If your group is interested in Villanova Crowdfunding, please email for information on the application and review process.

Where do I find the Villanova Crowdfunding campaigns?

Villanova has partnered with GiveCampus, a digital fundraising tool that works specifically with schools to provide their donors with an interactive way to give. You can find the Villanova Crowdfunding campaigns here.

Does the group receive 100% of the funds raised?

Yes, all funds will go directly to the group’s account. No fees are removed from the donation amount to cover any transaction costs.

Who can contribute to the crowdfunding campaigns?

Anyone can contribute! Villanova welcomes donations from alumni, family, friends and students who want to bolster the success of our student organizations and affinity groups.

Can I volunteer to help the groups raise money?

Yes, you can share the link to their campaign with your network to spread the word. GiveCampus also has an “advocate” feature where you can easily share the campaign on your social media channels and/or create your own video to recruit others to join you in donating.

Are gifts to Villanova Crowdfunding tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift to Villanova is fully tax-deductible and a tax receipt will be emailed to you for your records immediately following your transaction on the website.

Does my name appear if I make a gift to a crowdfunding campaign?

Yes, but you have the option to make your gift anonymous if you do not want your name to appear.

How long are the crowdfunding campaigns?

Each campaign lasts 30-90 days, depending on goals and progress.

What if a group doesn’t meet their dollar goal?

The group keeps all funds raised regardless of whether they reach their goal or not.

The group I want to support isn’t part of Villanova Crowdfunding yet. How do I support them in the meantime?

You can make a gift to any area of campus here. If you don’t see your group, you can select “Other Areas” under “Other Designations” and type in where you’d like to direct your gift.

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