Senior Class Gift

35% V-Meter


Our Goal is to Reach 70% Participation!

Each senior is asked to make a gift to the University to ensure that future students enjoy their own unique experiences, just as the opportunities that shaped their time here.

The Class of 2018 set a record with 68% participation and the Class of 2019 is challenged to reach 70% participation.

Additionally, the Brancatella family will donate $100 to Villanova for every senior who makes a gift of any size, to any program or area of campus.

Why support the Senior Class Gift Program?

  • It has impacted you: The Senior Class Gift touches every area of campus. No matter your major or extracurricular activities, your time at Villanova was made better by previous seniors' gifts.

  • You can make a difference: By making your gift, you have the special opportunity to ensure that future students can create their own unique Villanova experiences, just like you did.

  • You can show your school pride: Your participation shows your confidence in Villanova's mission and the education you received, setting a powerful example for underclassmen.


You can make your Senior Class Gift using whichever of the below methods is easiest for you!

  • Online, any day and any time
  • In person during one of our SAA or SCG events
  • By phone at 1-800-486-5244 (M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST)


Senior Class Gift Incentives

To show our appreciation for your support, you will receive the following benefits for making a gift at a certain level, including all preceding incentives.

senior class gift
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Kasia Jaworski
Assistant Director of Student Philanthropy and Reunion Giving