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1842 Day Student Group Campaigns

Ignite change for your student group!

1842 Day, Villanova’s day of giving, will take place on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. This annual celebration of our community is a great opportunity to fundraise for your student group! While all student groups can leverage 1842 Day to raise support, your group could be included among our featured campaigns. A campaign page provides a prominent platform and dedicated URL for sharing your story and encouraging the Villanova community to support your organization.

All student groups affiliated with Villanova are welcome to apply for a featured campaign page. Please submit your completed application by April 15!

Benefits of an 1842 Day Campaign?

  • Raise Support: donations made through your campaign will directly support your group. Funds will be deposited directly into your organization's budget account after 1842 Day
  • Spread the Word: gain valuable exposure to thousands of Villanova alumni, parents and friends
  • Say Thanks: promote your group’s mission and thank the people who donate
  • Join a Community: become part a tradition that celebrates generosity and strives for success—Last year, we raised more than $5.9 million though the support of 7,958 donors!

What We Expect from You

  • Campaign Content: provide information about your group and images for the 1842 Day website
  • Train for Success: join a training session to learn more about 1842 Day and how your campaign can be successful
  • Be an Advocate: motivate your group members to help spread the word and inspire your supporters to donate
  • Share Your Gratitude: participate in donor thank you initiatives post 1842 Day

How Our Team Will Help

  • 1842 Day Website: we will provide a digital platform for accepting donations and tracking real-time progress —all gifts made to your campaign go directly back to your student group
  • Training Opportunities: we will host training sessions to ensure you have everything you need to succeed
  • Outreach Resources: we will share a toolkit of resources, including social media graphics, email templates, texting scripts and more
  • Donor Thank Yous: we will help you thank donors who make a gift to your campaign on 1842 Day

Ready? Start by filling out an application.

1842 Day student group campaign page examples

1842 Day Student Campaign Spotlight

Above are examples of 1842 Day student group campaigns. A campaign page is customizable to include your group's story and compelling images! 


1842 Day Impact

Here are a few examples of the impact of a student group campaign:

  • Pastoral Musicians: $7,091
  • Black Student Union: $4,284
  • VU Pride: $3,062
  • Villanova Twirlers: $2,288