Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups

VUAA Affinity Groups offer a space for alumni, parents and friends with common networks, industries or interests to connect. Group activities vary from social networking to professional development programming and academic experiences.

In addition to on-campus and regional events, many of Villanova's affinity groups are networking online. Join the Nova Network to explore the group(s) of interest to you.

For questions about Villanova's alumni affinity groups, please contact Dana Jacob at or (610)-519-7601.

Public Policy Society

This group is comprised of alumni working in public policy and government-related fields in the greater Washington DC area. The group supports current students with professional development, internships and job placement assistance. The Public Policy Society hosts formal events on campus and in DC throughout the year to help students and alumni build an active and engaged network. Join the Public Policy Society Group on Nova Network.


Villanova Communication Alumni Network

The Villanova Communication Alumni Network (VCAN) is an exciting alumni program designed to connect those working in all areas of communication, including advertising, radio, TV, film, graphic arts, journalism, marketing, media, academia, public relations and more, with other alumni. These connections foster networking opportunities, mentorship relationships, as well as create internship and job possibilities for current students. Join the VCAN Group on Nova Network.


Villanovans in Healthcare

This group was created after the 2015 VUAA Leadership Summit on Healthcare. It connects Villanovans and friends interested in the rapidly growing and evolving field of healthcare and healthcare policy through professional development, networking and social activities. Join the Villanovans in Healthcare Group on Nova Network.

Villanovans for Sustainability

Sustainability takes many shapes and forms, from renewable energy, to corporate social responsibility, to supply chain management, to environmental justice and beyond. This group aims to bring together all Villanovans and friends who look to make the world a better place for current and future generations in hopes that a greater connection to one another will help bring about a sustainable future today. Join the Villanovans for Sustainability Group on Nova Network.


Engineering Alumni Society

The Engineering Alumni Society (EAS) helps engineering alumni stay connected to the University and to each other with professional development opportunities, networking and social activities. EAS also supports student scholarships, provides funding for student projects and sponsors the annual Engineering Alumni Awards dinner program. Join the Villanova Engineers Group on Nova Network.

Executive MBA Alumni Association

The EMBA Alumni Association connects graduates of the Villanova School of Business' Executive MBA program with each other for networking and professional development opportunities. The Association hosts several events throughout the year that bring alumni members together with current EMBA students, including a speaker series and the annual EMBA Conference. For more information contact Christine Etheridge, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, at Join the Graduate Business Alumni Group on Nova Network.

MBA Alumni Association

The Alumni Association for MBA graduates of the Villanova School of Business. This group engages alumni and current students through professional development, networking, mentoring and lifelong learning. Its goal is to provide opportunities for alumni and students to stay connected to the University, cultivate their professional networks and develop the skills to keep pace in an ever-changing business world. For more information contact Christine Etheridge, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement, at Join the Graduate Business Alumni Group on Nova Network.

Nursing Alumni Association

The Nursing Alumni Association (NAA) promotes lifelong relationships with alumni and students, supports nursing excellence and contributes professional resources to the University and its stakeholders. Outstanding alumni are recognized annually with the College of Nursing Medallion. Members support one another and current students with networking and professional development opportunities.

Black Alumni Network

The Black Alumni Network connects black alumni with one another and with graduate and undergraduate students through social networking, professional development and educational events and programming. Join the Black Alumni Network Group on Nova Network.

Delta Tau Delta ΔΤΔ

The official group for alumni members of Villanova's chapter of the national fraternity Delta Tau Delta. Current members connect with alumni brothers through social, networking and professional development events. The group also supports the Delta Tau Delta Educational Foundation to provide scholarships and educational programming for undergraduate members.

Radio Alumni Society

This group is comprised of alumni who were members of the Villanova Radio station - WVIL, WWVU, WKVU and WXVU. Every year the members of the Radio Alumni Society come together to play music and emcee at the Reunion Weekend Picnic.

Sigma Nu/Zeta Rho ΣΝ/ΖΡ

The official affinity group for alumni members of Villanova's chapter of the national fraternity Sigma Nu. Alumni brothers connect with each other and with current students in the fraternity. The mission is to "perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment to the Fraternity." Villanova's chapter provides opportunities for alumni to stay involved and encourages their support of collegiate chapters and involvement with other alumni chapters and clubs.

Singers Legacy Society

This group's goal is to connect "Brothers in Song" across the ages, ensuring that the traditions of the Singers are appreciated and passed on from generation to generation. For several decades, the music, brotherhood and touring have provided memories that will last a lifetime. Founded in 1953, this all men's ensemble has provided decades of enjoyment and enrichment to listeners from all over the world.

Villanova Vets

Villanova Vets is a social and professional development group for all Villanovans who have served in the military. The mission is to bring together Villanova University military alumni, families and friends and highlight their great legacy and rich tradition at Villanova. By honoring the camaraderie of fellow service members, remembering classmates and comrades who made the ultimate sacrifice or who were injured and are on the path to recovery, supporting Villanova service members and their families and campus military organizations, we hope to build upon the connection of our shared experiences. Join the Villanova Vets Group on Nova Network.