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Villanova has a strong and dedicated network of more than 123,000 alumni worldwide. Whether you want to find former classmates, meet Villanovans in your local area or get a foot in the door at a new job, you can take advantage of these free resources open to Villanovans around the world.

Join the Nova Network, Villanova University's social and professional network. Through the Nova Network, you can expand your professional network within the Villanova community, experience new ways to advance your career, and empower fellow Villanovans by sharing your advice.

You can sign up within a few minutes, and you can even use your LinkedIn account.

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Please note that the email you use for registration will become the preferred email address that the Villanova University Alumni Association will use to contact you. 

The Official Villanova University Network group on LinkedIn connects Villanovans around the world. Membership is open to all University graduates and students.

Be sure to visit Villanova University's Career Community: a space where current students and alumni can connect with other alumni to discuss career-specifics topics, issues, and advice.

Villanova's virtual networking events offer all the benefits of an in-person networking event without the barriers of time, cost or geographic location. You can participate in these speed networking sessions from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Live events are divided into "booths" based on industry or discussion topic. After joining a booth, you will be paired with other Villanovans in text-based, timed conversations that allow you to make many connections over a short period of time. Events typically last an hour, and you will be matched with a new person every 8-10 minutes.  

Some good questions you can ask to start the conversation include:

  • What did you study?
  • What do you do professionally?
  • What do you love most about where you live/work?
  • Can I ask for your advice on ____?
  • What's your favorite memory from campus?
  • If you could do one thing differently in your career, what would it be?
  • What's the best piece of advice you received during your college career?

Read more tips about preparing for a virtual networking event.

Are you interested in mentoring, hiring or helping Villanova students with professional development? Alumni, parents and friends can take advantage of several programs and services to make connections and share their expertise.


Job seekers and employers alike can take advantage of Handshake - Villanova's go-to resource for registering for events, exploring companies, applying for jobs/internships, bringing your company to a Career Fair, and much more.

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Mentoring Programs

Villanova's individual schools also offer multiple avenues for mentoring and networking with current students. Click the links below to learn more.

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences:

Villanova School of Business:

M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing

College of Engineering

Charles Widger School of Law

Four Panelists and a Moderator on Stage

Nova Network November is a series of 30+ events dedicated to enhancing the professional developmet of alumni, graduate students and students in the College of Professional Studies. All programs and events will take place during the month of November online, on campus and across the Nova Nation.

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Nova Network - Villanova's professional networking platform

The Nova Network is Villanova's official, new social and professional network.

Click here to join the Nova Network to find Villanovans in your industry and local area, discuss career-related topics and access resources for your professional development.