Admission Profile

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The Office of Undergraduate Admission takes pride in our multifaceted and holistic application review process. The Admission Committee reviews a variety of factors when considering a candidate's admission including high school performance, strength of academic curriculum, standardized test scores, application essays, extracurricular activities, counselor recommendation and teacher recommendation.

Class of 2023 First-Year Admitted Profile*

  • Applicants: 22,880
  • Targeted Class Size: 1,675
  • Acceptance Rate: 27.7%
  • GPA (middle 50%): 4.13-4.47 on a weighted 4.0 scale
  • SAT (middle 50%): 1400-1500
  • ACT (middle 50%): 32-34

* as of May 1, 2019

Why Villanova?

Julie Snitzer

“I’m valued here. Students and professors are happy and care about each other.” Julie Snitzer, Marketing, Arlington Heights, IL