What's MyNova?

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MyNova is where you will find all important and pertinent information regarding your undergraduate application to Villanova University including the status of your application, what requirements have been submitted or are missing, and ultimately your admission decision.  Approximately one week after submitting your Common Application with the Member School Section for Villanova to the Office of University Admission, you will receive an email to the address provided on your application with an invitation to join MyNova. 

In order to set-up your account, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the link in the invitation email and copy your invitation code. You will then be taken to the portal creation site, and you will see this message:

Don’t have a portal account?  Received an invitation from us to create a portal account?  Click here.

2. After you click the link, you will need to enter your email invitation code and your last name (as it appears on your application for admission), then click continue. 

3. This process will create your username. Please write down this username now as it will disappear when you move to the next step. You will be prompted to create your own password.  This password must be between 5 and 20 characters and include at least one number. You should also write this password down now as the self serve password option is not available to applicants. You will now be redirected to MyNova.  

In MyNova, you will be able to review your biographical application information. Please contact us at gotovu@villanova.edu if any changes need to be made to this data. You will also be able to view the status of your application requirements.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to check that the Office of University Admission has received all required documents and that we have your highest SAT/ACT scores by the appropriate deadline.  As you can see from the example below, the application fee and test scores have not yet been received. 




For subsequent access to MyNova, please visit the University home page at www.villanova.edu and click on the MyNova link in the top right secton of the page.

Please check MyNova regularly if you have applied to a Health Affiliation Program and/or have been nominated for the Presidential Scholarship.   Please note, information about your Financial Assistance application requirements will be made available in mid-February.  If you have questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Assistance at finaid@villanova.edu.

All admission decisions will be released on MyNova around December 20 for Early Action and around March 30 for Regular Decision.  

If you forget your password for MyNova, you can reset it here.  If you forget your username, please email gotovu@villanova.edu. This information can only be sent to the email address that was provided on your application for admission.