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International Student Profiles


Yeralmi Valladares

Hometown: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Major(s): Economics, International Business

Minor(s): Peace and Justice

Activities: Catholic Relief Services, Hispanic Society, No Lost Generation, Villanova Poetry Society, Women in Business

Quote: "Don't be fooled, I didn't choose Villanova because we're National Champs (though that might have played a very small part). Villanova's unparalleled desire to serve the community was truly a deciding factor for me. To my knowledge, there is no other university that brings together its students and instills a love of service in them like Villanova does!"

Favorite Place on Campus: Connelly Center, Cyber Lounge


Hwa Pyung Yoo

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Major(s): Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience, Political Science, and Honors (Thesis)

Minor(s): Peace and Justice, Education Politics and Leadership

Activities: Vocal Minority a capella group, Research Assistant in the Department of Education and Counseling, Ambassadors, Honors Ambassador, Honors Peer Mentor, Sophomore Service Learning Community, Singers

Quote: “I chose Villanova for its perfect size. It's large enough to attract renowned professors that are experts in their fields, but also small enough for me to have the opportunity to establish personal relationships with them. It's large enough to have fantastic research resources, but also small enough for me to participate in it as an undergraduate student. It's large enough that I will have the chance to always meet someone new, as the strong sense of community amongst the student makes it so easy to do, but also small enough for me to run into the smiling faces of my old friends as I walk to class. It's a size in which I can feel most at home. “

Favorite Place on Campus: The fountain across from the library


Ibukunoluwa Sanni

Hometown: Nigeria

Major(s): Electrical Engineering

Activities: Artist for Videogame Development, Orientation Counselor, Program Chair for National Society of Black Engineers, Sophomore Service Learning Community, VTV

Quote: “I chose Villanova because of the community. Everyone is always helpful, the environment is spectacular and the values resonate within me.”

Favorite Place on Campus: CEER, Multidisciplinary Lab. It is a perfect place for group discussions and homework. 


Jiaying Huang

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Major(s): Marketing

Minor(s): Communication, Cultural Studies

Activities: Democrats Club, International Students Organization, Sigma Psi Zeta, Voices

Favorite Place on Campus: Connelly Center, Cyber Lounge


Pablo Aramburu Sanchez

Hometown: Guadalajara, Mexico

Major(s): Mathematics and Physics

Activities: Physics club, Astronomy club, Freshman Leadership Learning Community, RUIBAL, Sophomore Service Learning Community

Quote: “The community is the best community I have ever been in. I can truly call it home away from home, Whenever I'm not here I just strive to come back as soon as I can. Since we are an institution wose focus is on undergraduate institution, at least in sciences, you get the teachers who are doing research in their fields to teach their courses, and even do research with them, they are always available to help if help is needed. Finally I must say most people here are great people, who really make this place a community where everyone is welcome”

Favorite Place on Campus: Physics lounge


Huige (Holly) Ouyang

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Major(s) Environmental Science

Activities: CRS (Catholic Relief Services) Ambassador, Villanova InterVarsity (VIV), Outdoors Club, Villanova Environmental Group (VEG)

Favorite Place on Campus: The first floor lobby in Corr Hall - with comfy couches and cushions!!


Meridith Chung

Hometown: Glencoe, Trinidad and Tobago

Major(s): Chemical Engineering

Activities: Villanova International Students Organization, MOVE Above the Influence, Villanova Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers chapter (NovaSASE), Villanova Society of Women Engineers chapter (SWE)

Quote: “I chose Nova because of its unique commitment to service and community and I keep choosing Nova because of all the wonderful people I've met here- faculty, staff and friends.”

Favorite Place on Campus: Corr Chapel (It's an amazing place to go when you need a quiet moment to yourself and the stained glass windows are just beautiful.)