What's New in AEM 6.5

Please review the AEM Author Resources site in Microsoft Teams for up-to-date information and how-tos for AEM.

The Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.5 upgrade will maintain the same functionality, but the interface will be changing.

Welcome/Navigation Console

 The labels and icons for the welcome/navigation console area have changed but the functionality remains the same.

6.1 (Old)

The icons read as 'Websites' and 'Digital Assets'.

Old 6.1 Dashboard with Websites and Digital Assets icons highlighted

6.5 (New)

The icons read as 'Sites' and 'Assets'.

New 6.5 Dashboard with Sites and Assets icons highlighted

New Terminology to Activate

 The process to activate your pages (push them to the live site) has changed in terminology and process.

6.1 (Old)

Click on the Page Properties panel from the Sidekick and choose from Activate or Deactivate.

demonstration of activating in 6.1

6.5 (New)

Click on the Page Information panel at the top of the page to choose from Publish or Unpublish.

demonstration of publishing in 6.5

Navigating to Your Pages to Edit

The direction in which you navigate to your pages is changing from vertical to horizontal expansion.

6.1 (Old)

Click and vertically expand the directories.

Old 6.1 Websites admin console

6.5 (New)

Click and horizontally expand the directories.

New 6.5 Dashboard showing how to find page

Editing Your Pages

The manner in which you edit your pages has changed:

6.1 (Old)

Double-click a page to open it for editing.

image showing 6.1 way to edit pages

6.5 (New)

Highlight a given page and then click the edit menu at the top.

image showing 6.5 way to edit pages

Sidekick Panel

The once-visible Sidekick panel is now a show/hide feature on the left side of the content page that can be enabled once you are in edit mode.

6.1 (Old)

Visible on your page by default.

Floating Sidekick panel from Old 6.1

6.5 (New)

Revealed by clicking the toggle screen icon at the top of the page (see 1); then clicking the plus + sign icon (see 2) for Components, which will then reveal the show/hide panel (see 3).

show/hide sidekick panel

Editing Components

Editing your components is changing from right-clicking and choosing Edit to clicking a toggle panel that reveals the component tool bar.

6.1 (Old)


6.5 (New)

configure icon highlighted for editing components

Page Properties

Page Properties elements, previously found under the Sidekick "Page" tab, can now be found by clicking a page thumbnail and choosing the Properties menu from the top.

6.1 (Old)

Page Properties as show in Sidekick with 6.1

6.5 (New)

Revelaling the Page Properties menu when a page thumbnail is clicked

Digital Assets vs. Assets

The Digital Asset Manager (DAM) changes from the horizontal expansion of the structure to a verticle expansion of clickable image cards that display the folders or files within a given directory.

6.1 (Old)

navigating the horizontal node structure of the DAM in 6.1

6.5 (New)

navigating the tiled structure of the DAM in 6.5