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Explore all college has to offer during the summer at Villanova! This immersive program is designed to introduce rising high school juniors and seniors to the multifaceted experience of attending college. Exceptional high school students will take one three-credit course taught by esteemed Villanova faculty and alongside current undergraduate students.

This college-level classroom experience will be augmented with collaborative workshops and assignments specifically to prepare high school students for college life. Students will work closely with academic advisors and have access to support services across campus. Through this holistic and intentional curriculum, students will learn and practice various academic, social, professional, and intrapersonal skills to help them succeed both in and out of the classroom.

  • Four-week intellectually stimulating college preparatory program for students entering 11th and 12th grade

  • Earn three (3) college credits while in high school in a course that will enhance your critical thinking skills – you get to choose your class! 

  • Gain an understanding of the expectations and practice the necessary skills to be successful before you enter college

  • Explore different majors and how they translate to potential careers

  • Learn how to engage with professors and peers within a vibrant campus community

  • Freedom to experience and participate in campus activities with current undergraduates

  • Build an internal inventory of the available resources to draw upon when you are in college 

  • Work with peers on a culminating final project demonstrating the interdisciplinary learning that took place throughout the summer 



Estimated Tuition Information

$4,002 (3 credits - see Tuition & Fees information)

Payment in full is due at time of enrollment


July 3 - July 31, 2023

Communication is a fundamental part of our lives. That nod, the grimace, the clap, the jokes we make, the texts, the emojis, memes, vlogs… are just some of the ways in which we communicate with others. But what does studying Communication have to do with our life's ambitions?

This course introduces you to a variety of approaches to the academic field of communication that undergird our daily interactions and influence our standing professionally, socially, and academically. This course takes you through the major specializations of the field and how you can apply critical thinking, problem solving, and public speaking skills in different areas of communication that are key to your advancement professionally and socially.

You will learn key theories in the field of communication, a historical view of the field, definitions of communication and the centrality of communication in everyday activities. More importantly, we will study the communication process in a variety of contexts, through a range of perspectives, and in various forms including all of the different areas of study covered by specializations within the Department of Communication here at Villanova: Rhetoric, Media Studies, Media Production, Organizational Communication, Performance Studies, Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication, Journalism, and, Public Relations.

The primary educational aims of this course are:

  • to learn about the academic field of Communication and its place in our professional and social lives
  • to critically analyze the role of identity, power, privilege, and difference in communication messages, and
  • to learn how processes of globalization and multiculturalism have transformed how we communicate.

Why were relations between Native Americans and white colonists violent almost from the beginning of European settlement? How could slavery thrive in a society founded on the principle that “all men are created equal”? How comparable were the experiences of Irish, Jewish, and Italian immigrants, and why did people in the early 20th century think of them as separate "races"? What were the causes and consequences of Japanese Americans’ internment in military camps during World War II? Are today’s Mexican immigrants unique, or do they have something in common with earlier immigrants?

Using a variety of written and oral sources, this course examines the racial diversity of America and its enduring consequences.

*This is an intro-level course, and therefore no prior knowledge or previous course is required for taking it. However, due to the subject matter, the course will be taught with the assumption that students possess some basic background in American history. If you need further elaboration on some aspect of American history, please consult, a free collaborative (and quite good) American history textbook.  



Metacognition + The Science of Studying

Navigating the Financial Landscape of College

Academic Advising 101 + Logic of Curriculum

Finding your Agency in College

Tentative Schedule

this image shows the schedule for the COM class is Monday through Thursday with workshops on Tuesday and Thursdays


Application Requirements for the Pre-College Summer Academy ON CAMPUS Experience:

  1. Fill out the High School Application
    * Post-Secondary Education (Write high school name)
    * Must select Pre-College Summer Academy within the application
  2. Parent Permission Letter stating permission to take classes at Villanova. (upload to application)
  3. High School Permission Letter stating permission to take classes at Villanova, from Guidance Counselor or Principal. (upload to application)
  4. Official High School Transcript (sent directly from the school to
    Or mail to:     Patricia Ertwine,
                        CPS Villanova University
                        800 E Lancaster Ave
                        Villanova, PA 19085
  5. Pre-payment required - $4,002 for 3 credits plus the general fee. See Summer 2023 tuition rates. Housing options are available through the Office of Residence life.


When selecting the program in the application, choose High School Scholars and then select the radio button for Pre-College Summer Academy.



Enhance your resume.

Summer Academy courses provide new skills to add to your resume or college application, while exploring future academic pathways.


Expand your network.

Communicating and building relationships with classmates and faculty scholars can open new doors for your future.


Learn from distinguished faculty.

All programs are taught by experienced Villanova faculty who are dedicated teacher-scholars and among the most distinguished in their fields.