Alphabetical Listing of SafeZone Volunteers and Locations


Abraham, Michael Student, RA, Class of '22
Acker, Kathleen Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Adams, Bethany J. Staff, Psychology
Aiken, Samantha Student, RA, Class of '22
Alexander, Celina Staff, Intercultural Affairs
Alicea, Corie Staff, Registrar's Office
Al-Nawal, Julia Student, Class of '22
Amber, Kelly
Staff, EMBA
Anczarski, Jadyn Graduate Student, RA

Andes, Stacy

Staff, Office of Health Promotion

HSB Ground Floor - Health Promotion

Angel, Gloria Staff, VSB

Anthony, Carol

Staff, Mission & Ministry Corr Hall - Peace & Justice
Arakelian, Aren Student, Class of '22
Archibald, Kristin Staff, Law School
Argiriou, Celia Student, Class of '23

Arvanites, Debra

Faculty, VSB

Bartley Hall, Room 1061

Ashley, Charles Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Ashton, Amanda Student, Class of '23
Baghai, Farshid Faculty, Philosophy
Bair, Lindsay
Staff, Biology
Baker, O.S.A., Rev. Stephen Faculty, Education & Counseling
Baquet, Jisette Student, Class of '23
Baran, Peter Staff, Athletics
Barrett, Claire Student, RA, Class of '22
Barrett, Maria
Staff, Mathematics and Statistics
Barsanti, John Student, Class of '24
Basciano, Diana Staff, Dining Services
Bauer, Gabriele Staff, VITAL
Bawab, Yara Student, Class of '24
Baxter, Lucy
Student, SGA, Class of '22
Beando, Shaynan Graduate Student, RA
Bear, Vivian Student, Class of '23
Becker, Lydia Student, Class of '22
Benincasa, Chelsea Staff, Research & Fellowships & Presidential Scholars Program
Bennett, Breanna Grad Student, Biology
Benson, Emma Student, Class of '22
Berna, Anthony Student, RA, Class of '22
Bernhardt, Paul Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Berry, Eloise J. Staff, Office of Intercultural Affairs
Beske, Holly Student, RA, Class of '22
Beyer, Gerald Faculty, Theology
Bianco, Michael Student, Class of '22
Biesterveld, Laura Student, RA, Class of '22
Biscuitwala, Rohan Student, Class of '23
Bishop, Jared Faculty, Communication
Blanc, Greg Student, Campus Ministry Intern
Blay, Abigail Student, Class of '22
Bleggi, Hannah Grad Student, RA
Blenke, Emma Student, Class of '24
Bobyock, Lisa Staff, Procurement
Bodensteiner, Kate Student, Class of '22
Boettcher, Linda Staff, OUS
Bohra, Charlotte Student, Class of '23
Boivin, Christopher Student, RA, Class of '22

Borden, James

Faculty, Accountancy

Bartley 2002 - Accountancy

Boschi, Vanessa Faculty, Chemistry
Boss, Chase Student, Class of '23
Bove, Andrew J. Staff, ACS

Bowen, Sheryl

Staff, Communication

Garey Hall, Communication Department

Boylan, Molly Staff, Residence Life
Bradley, Parris Staff, Theatre
Bradley, Patricia Faculty, Nursing
Brautigan, Levi Staff, Office of Education Abroad
Brenner, Jack Student, Class of '22
Brewer, Christine Faculty, Nursing
Bridges, Leigh Ann Staff, University Advancement

Brocchi, Diane

Staff, CLAS External Relations

Brophy, Jenn Staff, Athletics
Brown, JJ Staff, Student Involvement
Brown, Myah Student, RA, Class of '22
Brunk, Timothy Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies
Buckingham, Sharon Staff, Law Career Strategy and Advancement
Burdo, Patricia Staff, VSB
Burke, Lynne Staff, University Advancement
Burkett, Max Student, RA, Class of '23
Burnett, Calvin Student, RA, Class of '23
Butler, Christina Staff, Career Center

Byrnes, Kathy

Staff, Student Life

Dougherty 202 - Office of Student Life

Cabagua, Madison Student, Class of '23
Cahill, Beth Staff, Career Center

Calderone, O.S.A., Rev. Joe

Staff, Office of Mission & Ministry

St. Rita's Hall - Campus Ministry

Cameron, Noreen Staff, Service Learning
Campanella, Liz Staff, Office of Education Abroad
Canzanese, Dominic Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Capkin, Patricia Staff, Registrar
Capobianchi, Michelle Staff, Dining Services
Carroll, Suzette Staff, Public Safety
Caruso, Victoria Student, Class of '22
Casario, Michelle Faculty Economics
Castle, Robin Student, RA, Class of '23
Cavanaugh, Margaret R. Student, RA, Class of '23

Caverly, Robert 

Staff, Electrical Engineering

Tolentine 433 - Electrical Engineering

Centeno, Candace Faculty, Law School
Ceonzo, Andrew Student, Class of '22
Cetel, Skylar Staff, Law School, Academic Success
Chase, Boss Student, Class of '23
Cheng, David Student, RA, Class of '22
Chizar, Zachary Staff, Media Relations
Chmielewski, Krista Staff, Athletics
Choy, Andrew Student, RA, Class of '23
Ciasullo, Francesca Student, RA, Class of '23
Ciocco, Christine
Staff, Honors
Citera, Joseph Staff, Student Involvement
Clarkin, William Student, RA, Class of '24
Clayton, Garrett Faculty, Mechanical Engineering
Cleere, Julianna Student, Class of '23
Clements, John Staff, Public Safety
Clerfe, Keyenah Student, RA, Class of '23
Coan, Maria Staff, Office of the Provost
Comolli, Noelle Faculty, Chemical Engineering
Connell, Bo (Mark) Staff, Law School
Conner, Jerusha Faculty, Education & Counseling
Conte, James Student, RA, Class of '23
Coogle, Joshua Student, RA, Class of '24
Cooke, Natalie Staff, Registrar's Office

Copel, Linda

Faculty, Nursing

Driscoll Hall, 3rd Floor

Copeland, Kia Staff, Enrollment Management
Corso, Michelle Staff, Chemistry
Corwin, Nathan Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Coscarelli, Nicholas Grad Student, RA
Covington, Kevin Staff, Center for Access, Success, and Achievement
Cowen, Bill Faculty, Communication

Crable, Bryan

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall - Communication Department

Cravens, Stefanie Student, RA, Class of '23

Cregan, O.S.A., Rev. David

Faculty, Theatre

SAC 217 - Theatre Department

Cucchia, Jack Student, Class of '22
Cuff, Robert Student, RA, Class of '24
Cullum, Ryan Student, Class of '22
Curtis, Emily Student, RA, Class of '22

Cywinski, Luisa

Staff, Falvey Library

Dailey, Alice

Faculty, English

SAC 470 - English Department

D'Amico, PJ Student, RA, Class of '22
Daniello, Seamus Student, RA, Class of '23
Daniels, Ashley Student, RA, Class of '22
Darensbourg, Hannah Student, Class of '22
Daskivich, Lara Staff, VSB, Dean's Office
Davis, Charles Staff, Athletics
Davis, Nicole Staff, Center for Access, Success and Achievement
Deakin, Dayna Student, Class of '22
Deans, Jeneille Student, RA, Class of '22
Decastro, Sadia Student, Class of '24
DeFusco, Kirstin Staff, College of Professional Studies

DeGrazio, Cathy

Staff, UnIT

TSB 200 - UnIT 

De LaCruz, Zenaida Student, Class of '24
Delaney, Julie Staff, University Communication & Marketing
DeMarco, Emilia Student, RA, Class of '22

DeMarco, Tom

Staff, Asst. V.P./Dean of Students

Kennedy 2nd Floor - Office for Residence Life

Dempsey, Michelle Faculty, Law School

DeNardis, Valentina

Faculty, Classical Studies

Dennis, Emily Student, Class of '22
Derricks, Celine Student, Class of '22

Derry, Jennifer

Staff, Human Resources

Dery, Ryan Student, RA, Class of '23
Dessoye, Thomas Student, RA, Class of '24
Diaz-Lopez, Alexander Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Diebold, Jessica Staff, UnIT
DiLucido, Bernadette Staff, Monastery
DiPasca, Bryan Student, Class of '23
DiSalvo, Rose Staff, UnIT TSB 216 - UnIT
Dolloff, Sammie Student, Class of '22
Donahue, Kevin Staff, UnIT TSB 307 - UnIT
Donatucci, Ava Marie Student, Class of '23
Dooley, Robyn Staff, College of Professional Studies

Doorley, Mark

Faculty, Ethics

SAC 481 - Ethics Department

Duborg, Jake Student, Class of '23
Dudas, Natalie Student, RA, Class of '23
Duffy, Gina Staff, Falvey Library
Duffy, Margaret M. Staff, Falvey Library
Dugas, Sydney Student, Campus Ministry Intern
Dugbo, Sade-Jay Student, RA, Class of '23
Dunbar, James Student, Class of '22

Dunphy-Culp, Alicia

Staff, Student Life

Duque, Adriano Faculty, Romance Languages & Literature
Duroseau, Judy
Staff, Alumni Relations
Dyer, Allison Student, Class of '23
Eddy, Kaitlyn Student, RA, class of '23
Edelman, Diane Faculty, Law School
Eden, Jack Student, Class of '23
Egan, Melanie Staff, Admissions

Elder, Gary

Staff; UnIT

TSB 120 - UnIT - Chief Technical Officer

Ellis, Amy Staff, Engineering
Erdman, Brooke Staff, Graduate Studies
Estrada, Daniel Student, Class of '22
Etheridge, Christine Staff, Dean's Office, VSB
Evans, Rabbia Staff, Human Resources

Ewing, Maura

Staff, Human Resources

Fabrizio, Joe Student, Class of '22
Farkas, Olivia Staff, Fraternity and Sorority Life

Feeman, Timothy

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences

Fernandez-Duque, Diego

Faculty, Psychology

Tolentine 220 - Psychology

Fierros, Edward Faculty, CLAS

Finfrock, Richard

Staff, Public Safety

Farrell Hall - Public Safety

Fitton, Maureen

Staff, Campus Ministry

St. Rita's - Lower Level - Campus Ministry

Fitzsimmons, Becky Staff, Law School, Career Strategy
Flynn, Kaitlin Student, Class of '22
Forrest, Vicki Staff, VSB
Fragoulias, Stephanie Student, Class of '22
France, Nicholas Grad Student, RA
Frank, Stephanie Student, Class of '23
Gadonas, Christine Staff, Mathematics and Statistics
Gallagher, Kathy Staff, Wildcard Dougherty 1st Floor - Wildcard Office
Galloway, Michelle Staff, VSB, Clay Center
Gambale, Noelle Law Student, RA, Class of '23
Garcia-Ovozco, Jose Student, Class of '23
Garges, John Student, Campus Ministry Intern
Garland, Kashae Student, Class of '22
Gartland, Casey Student, Class of '22
Garvey, Sue Staff, University Communication
Garzio-Hadzick, Amanda Staff, Engineering
George, Michael Staff, Graphic Services
German, Melinda
Staff, VSB
Gerrard, Chelsea Staff, A&S Communication and External Relations
GetekSoltis, Kathryn Staff, Peace & Justice
Giancatarino, Katie Staff, Campus Ministry
Giesberg-Fierros, Pablo Student, RA, Class of '22
Gilley, Ebony Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Gilmore, Caitlin Staff, VSB, Clay Center
Givey, Kyle Student, RA, Class of '22
Glass, Austin Student, Class of '22
Gohel, Rohan Student, Class of '22
Graham, Mark Anthony
Student, Class of '22
Gray, Nazia Student, RA, Class of '22
Graziola, Jonathan Staff, IT Operations, CLAS
Green, Sam Student, Class of '22
Greene, Kara Student, Class of '23
Greer, Lily Student, Class of '24
Griffin, Daniel L. Staff, Mission and Ministry
Griffiths, Nerissa Student, RA, Class of '23
Grimes, Gregory Faculty, Arts & Sciences
Grimes, Kathleen Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies
Grubb, Kevin C. Staff, Career Center
Guachichullca, Steven Student, Class of '22
Gudino, Emma Student, Class of '22
Gudorf, Anya Student, Class of '22
Guevara, David Student, Class of '22
Gulasarian, Carly Staff, VSB
Hagan, O.S.A., Fr. Rob Staff, Athletics - Compliance
Haley, Patricia Staff, Environmental Safety
Hamberger, Eric Staff, VSB
Hamilton, Victoria Student, RA, Class of '22
Hannon, Lance Faculty, Sociology
Hansen, Alexandra Student, RA, Class of '22
Hansen, Scott Staff, VSB
Harden, Joyce Staff, Administrative/Events Asst., Dean's Office, The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Harkin, Ryan Grad Student, RA
Harrinarine, Phillip Staff, Law School Admissions
Harris, Lisa Staff, Athletics
Harris, Matthew Staff, Admissions

Hassel, Beth

Staff, Center for Faith & Learning

Corr Hall, 1st Floor - Faith & Learning

Hasson, Elizabeth Student, Class of '22
Havlik, Stacey Faculty, Education & Counseling
Hayes, Katherine Graduate Student, RA
Hayes, Kendall Student, Class of '23
Haymaker, Kathryn Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Heincer, Hank Staff, UnIT Mendel 94
Henfey, Jennifer Staff, Law School Career Services
Hibbs, Elisa Staff, Theatre
Hidore, Kimberly Staff, Honors
Hodges, Melissa Faculty, Sociology and Criminology
Hoffman, Tim Staff, Office of the Provost
Hohman, Joseph P. Staff, Residence Life
Holguin, Christiana Student, RA, Class of '22
Hollis, Karyn Faculty, English Department
Holmes, Charlotte Staff, Office of Undergraduate Studies
Holmes, Priscilla Staff, Law School
Hooker-Hylak, Blaise Student, RA, Class of '22
Hostler, Mary Ann Staff, Sociology and Criminology
Huerta-Apanco, Anthony Student, RA, Class of '23
Hunter, Brooke Faculty, English
Huwar, Jessica Student, Class of '24
Ibeanusi, Ifeanyi Student, Class of '23
Irving, Emily Staff, University Advancement
Irwin-Diehl, Rebecca Graduate Student, Class of '23
Islam, Istifa Student, Class of '22
Jackson, Megan Student, Class of '22
Jacobs, Jhaakira Staff, Career Center
Jacobs, Lorraine Staff, Law School Library
Jacobson, Becca Student, Class of '22
Jaczynski, Linda Staff, Campus Ministry St. Rita's, 1st Floor - Campus Ministry
Janacek, Caeli Student, Class of '22
Jarmon, Marissa Student, Class of '24
Jones, Alexandra Student, RA, Class of '23
Joseph, Jaylene Student, Class of '22
Joyce, Jennifer Faculty, Arts & Sciences
Joyce, Sheila Student, RA, Class of '23
Kachurak, Olivia Student, RA, Class of '24
Kane, Kimberly Staff, Accounting
Kaneria, Shlok Grad Student, Class of '23
Kapij, Alexis Grad Student, Class of '22
Karrant, Rebeka Staff, Electrical & Computer Engineering & Honors
Ke, Alice Student, Class of '22
Kearney, Kim Staff, Public Safety
Keating, Michael D. Student, Class of '22
Keefer, Nicholynn Staff, Bursar's Office
Kees, Jeremy Faculty, Marketing Bartley 3006 - Marketing Department
Kelly, Katie Student, Class of '22
Kelly, Mary T. Faculty, Economics
Kemp, Tyler Grad Student, RA
Keough, Kathryn Student, RA, Class of '22
Kim, Joy Student, RA, Class of '22
King, Brian P. Staff, University Advancement
Kinnee, Julia Student, Class of '22
Knauss, Stefanie Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies
Knecht, Amanda Faculty, Mathematical Sciences
Knoll, Lauren Staff, VSB
Koch, Irene
Student, Class of '22
Kochoska, Angela Staff, Astrophysics & Planetary Science
Kolb, George Staff, Alumni Relations
Kossoy, Kate Student, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Class of '22

Kotschneff, Emil

Staff; UnIT

TSB 119 - UnIT - Chief Technical Officer

Kovach, Cassidy Student, Class of '24

Kovolski, Christopher

Staff, Office of Exec. V.P.

Kraut, Daniel Faculty, Chemistry
Kremer, Peleg Faculty, Geography
Kriegel, Lindsey Staff, VSB
Kriesel, James C. Faculty, Roman Languages & Literature
Kulla, Sindi Student, RA, Class of '22
Kurchan, Eydiejo Staff, Chemistry
Kurt, Marissa
Graduate Student, RA, Class of '22
Kurtz, John E. Faculty, Psychology
Lai, Andre Student, RA, Class of '23
Lalo, Maggie Student, Class of '22
Lamberto, Elaine Staff, Office of the Dean
Landon-Freeman, Taylor Staff, Career Center
LaSala, Bridget Grad Student, RA
Lattmann, Derek Student, Class of '22
Lau, Frances Student, Class of '22
Le, Rachael Student, Class of '22
Leamon, Ashley Staff, Graduate Studies
LeGrand, Katie Staff, Athletics
Levine, Caroline Student, Class of '22

Levitan, Michael

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences

Liberato, Jennifer Staff, Residence Life
Lin, Xiao Staff, Clay Center
Lockwood, Sophia Graduate Student, RA
Loftus, Padraig Student, Class of '22
Lopez-Somohans, Sofia Student, Class of '23
Love, Atiya Staff, Intercultural Affairs
Lucy, Emma Student, RA, class of '22
Lukens, R Edel Faculty, Undergraduate Studies
Luna, Vianney Student, RA, Class of '23
Luner, Dan Staff, Career Center
Lupowitz, Jeremy Staff, University Advancement, Law School

Lutes, Jean

Faculty, English

SAC 457 - English Department

MacKenzie, Meredith Faculty, Nursing
Madden, Kimberly Staff, University Advancement
Magoola, Caleb Student, RA, Class of '24
Maguire, Aisling MG Student, Class of '23
Maher, Michael Student, RA, Class of '22
Maloney, Ryan Student, Class of '23
Malott, Krista Faculty, Education & Counseling
Manahan, John Student, Class of '23
Manfredonia, Abramo Grad Student, Class of '23
Mariani, Bette Staff, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Nursing
Marino, Anna Student, RA, Class of '22
Marquez, Mariana Student, Class of '22
Martin, Emily Student, Class of '23
Martuscello, Geli Student, Class of '22
Massonnat, Francois Faculty, Romance Languages
Matthews, Laura Staff, Engineering
May, George Student, RA, class of '22
May, Jared Staff, Mission & Ministry
Mazar, Kylie (Shea) Staff, VSB
Mazzotta, Rosemary Staff, Athletics
McAvoy, Sarah Student, Class of '22
McCall, Timothy Faculty, History Department SAC 445,
McCarthy, Durkin Student, RA, Class of '23
McCarthy, Kristy Staff, Health Promotion
McCarthy, Madeline T. Student, RA, Class of '23
McClay, Madalyn Student, Class of '23
McCloskey, Emily Staff, Graduate Studies
McCrossan, Colin Student, Class of '23
McDermott-Levy, Ruth Faculty, Nursing Driscoll Hall - College of Nursing
McDonnell, Martin Staff, Unit
McElwee, Sean Staff, Campus Ministry
McGonigle, Mary Staff, Health Center HSB 3rd Floor - Health Center
McIlvaine, Isabella Student, RA, Class of '22
McKay, Michelle Faculty, Nursing
McKelvey, Rosemarie Staff, Theatre
McMonigle-Caprara, Margaret Faculty PT, French
McMullen, Nicole Staff, Athletics
McNamara, Ryan Student, RA, Class of '23
McNelis, Brynne Student, Class of '23
McStravog, Aimee Staff, Biology
Meals, Andrea Staff, Law School
Mendenall, Olivia Staff, College of Professional Studies
Mendez, Jim Faculty, Nursing
Middlebrooks, Amelia Student, Class of '22
Migliarino, Millie (aka Carmela) Staff, Admissions
Milo, Sage Staff, Center for Research & Fellowships
Minerva, Victoria Staff, Engineering
Mongiello, Kathy Staff, VSB, Clay Center
Mook, Molly Student, Class of '23
Moon, Julia Student, RA, Class of '23
Mooney, Christine Faculty, Law School
Moore, Chazmine Student, RA, Class of '22
Mora, Erica Student, RA, Class of '22
Morozov, Nikita Student, Class of '22
Morris, Thomas S. Staff, Education Abroad

Morrissey, Matt

Staff, UnIT

TSB 113 - UnIT

Moser, Madison Student, RA, Class of '22
Moura, Andrew Student, RA, Class of '22
Mulchaey, Olivia Student, Class of '22
Muller, Kaitlyn Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Mulry, Ali Student, Class of '22
Muller, Tori Student, Class of '22
Murray, Billie Faculty, Communication

Murray, Brian

Staff, Athletics - Business

JNF 2nd Floor - Athletics

Nance, Terry

Staff, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Nash, Abigail Graduate Student, RA
Nass, Christine Staff, Music Activities
N'Diaye, Rachel Staff, Nursing
Nebel, Robert Student, RA, Class of '24
Neilsen, Erin Student, Class of '23
Neuman, Samantha Student, Class of '22
Nguyen, Lily Student, Class of '24
Nichols, Robert Grad Student, RA
Nicholson, Christopher Staff, Law School
Niland, Emilio Grad Student, RA

Nolan, Scott

Staff, Connelly Center

Connelly Center 1st Floor

Norman, Cammie Student, Class of '23
Norton, Doug Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Nowosad, Zack Staff, Engineering
Nurse, Layna Student, Class of '24
Nuzzo-Dozier, Elijah Student, RA, Class of '22
Nwogu, Deborah Student, Class of '22
Obermyer, Kristin
Faculty, Computing Sciences
Oberschewen, Michael Student, RA, Class of '24

O'Brien, Jim

Faculty, Mechanical Engineering

Tolentine 300 - Mechanical Engineering

O'Brien, Teri

Staff, Student Life

O'Connor, Ann Staff, VSB
Oddo, Mark
Student, Class of '22
Ogunjimi, Raymond Student, RA, Class of '22
Okenquist, Meredith Staff, Career Services & Alumni Relations
Olatidoye, Ayobami Student, RA, Class of '24
Oldham, Mary Kate Student, Class of '24
Onyejiaka, Nathan Student, RA, Class of '23
O'reilly-Gindhart, Robert Staff, Dining Services
Ostroff, Victoria Staff, Counseling Center
Pace, Kyle Staff, Office of Education Abroad
Palenchar, Jennifer
Faculty, Chemistry
Palenchar, Peter Faculty, Chemistry
Palermo, Gina Staff, Athletics
Palmasani, Michael Grad Student, RA
Palmerio, Josh Staff, University Card Systems, Wildcard
Pandya, Madhav Student, RA, Class of '23
Pansania, Maitri
Graduate Student, RA
Panzirer, Morgan Student, Class of '23
Park, Eileen Student, Class of '23
Park, Sarah Student, RA, Class of '23
Pasles, Elise Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Pasles, Paul Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Patch, Debra Staff, Public Safety
Patel, Kunj Student, Class of '23
Patel, Kyle
Student, Class of '22
Patron, Jennifer Anne Student, Class of '24
Paulsen, Jeanette Staff, Career Center
Pearce, Amy Staff, Finance
Perry, Adrienne Faculty, English
Pesini, Stephen Staff, UnIT
Petri, Avelina Student, RA, Class of '22
Petsko, Meghan Staff, Grad Tax, Law School
Phillips, Chelsea Faculty, Theatre
Pinchock, George Staff, Music Activities
Pineda, Claudia Student, Class of '22
Pinone, Steve Staff, Athletics

Pollack-Johnson, Bruce

Faculty, Mathematical Sciences

Pollart, Matthew Staff, Environmental Health & Safety
Pontarelli, Nicholas Staff, Alumni Relations
Popa, Delia Faculty, Philosophy
Posner, Michael Faculty, Mathematical Sciences
Post, Candice Staff, Counseling Center
Potencio, Aldo Staff, Campus Ministry
Prats, Jordan Staff, Residence Life
Precourt, Katherine Graduate Student, RA
Presley, Charisma Staff, CASA
Price, Alexis Student, Class of '22
Pritikin, Justin Student, Class of '22
Proctor, Shawn Staff, University Communication
Purohit, Mahi Student, RA, Class of '24
Quigley, Narda Faculty, Management and Operations
Quinn, Joanne Staff, Communication & Marketing

Quisenberry, Chrissy

Staff; Office of the President

Tolentine Hall 1st Floor - President's Office

Ramsey, Julia Student, RA, Class of '23
Rebalsky, Rebecca Staff, CLAS
Redick, Colin Staff, VSB
Redpath, Julia Student, RA, Class of '23
Reilly, Jean Student, RA, Class of '22
Reilly, Kimberly Staff, Theatre
Remelius, Liz Staff, College of Professional Studies
Remster, Brianna
Faculty, Sociology & Criminology
Reynolds, Jillian Student, Class of '23
Reynolds, Madeline Staff, Honors
Richards, Alex
Staff, Insurance and Risk Management
Rigsby, Whitey Staff, Athletics
Risch, Michael Faculty, Law School
Ritter, Edward Faculty, Civil Engineering
Rivardo, Meghan Student, Class of '22
Robbins, Ariella Staff, Office of Diversity & Inclusion
Robinson, Amelia Student, Class of '22
Robinson, Maryanne Faculty, Law School
Robinson, Michael (Todd) Staff, Registrar
Robson, Michael Faculty, Computing Sciences
Roche, Colin Student, Class of '24
Rockwell, Amy K. Staff, Registrar
Rodriguez, Ammy Graduate Student, RA
Rogers, Colleen Staff, Alumni Relations
Romano, Caroline Student, Class of '22
Romito, Chelsea Faculty, Mathematics & Statistics
Roscoe, Thomas Staff, Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness
Rose, Heidi Faculty, Communications
Ross, Caroline Student, Class of '22

Ross, Jody

Faculty PT, English

Old Falvey 206B

Rost, Ryan

Staff, University Compliance

Rothermel, Jacob Staff, Theatre
Rubertone, Courtney Student, Class of '22
Rudigier, Katelyn Student, RA, Class of '22
Rumble-Moore, Andrea Staff, Mullen Performing Arts Center
Ryan, Jennifer Student, Class of '24

Rylander, Sheila B.

Gov. Staff for NROTC

John Barry Hall; Naval Science

Salanik, Keri Student, Campus Ministry Intern
Saleh, Matthew Staff, Law School
Salomone, Mary Grace Staff, Environmental Health and Safety
Salvati, Anna Staff, Engineering
Samahon, Tuan Faculty, Law School
Santa, Yolanda Student, RA, Class of '24
Santomas, John Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Santoro, Jennifer Faculty, Geography & the Environment
Santos, Patricia Student, RA, Class of '22
Sarni, Angela Student, Class of '22
Sateri, Madeleine Student, Class of '22
Scalice, Lauren Grad Student, RA
Schauder, Marie Staff, Residence Life
Scheiner, Sydney Staff, Dean of Students
Schick, Joseph T. Faculty, Physics
Schmidt, Chris Faculty, Education and Counseling
Schmidt, Danielle Graduate Student, RA
Schmidt, John A. Faculty, Biology
Schreckengaust, John Student, Class of '22
Schultz, Steven Faculty, Law School
Schwarz, Liesel Staff, Facilities Management
Scott, Andrew G. Faculty, Classical Studies
Scotto, Kathryn Student, Class of '23
Scudilla, Kyle Staff, Unit
Serio, Jack Student, Class of '22
Sessions, Kristyn Faculty, Ethics Program
Sewell, Lisa Faculty, English

Shaffer, Peggy

Staff, UnIT

TSB 121A - UnIT

Sherony, Brynna Student, Campus Ministry Intern
Skalko, Ivanica
Student, SGA, Class of '22
Sheetz, Julia Staff, Campus Ministry
Sherman, Michelle Staff, Campus Ministry
Shi, Kimberly Student, Class of '23
Shroff, Reva Student, RA, Class of '23
Siligato, Luigi Graduate Student, RA

Simmons, Mary Beth

Staff, Writing Center

Falvey 202 - Writing Center

Simpson, James Staff, Public Safety
Sipio, Caroline Staff, Falvey Library
Skalko, Ivanica Student, Class of '22
Skinner, Keegan Student, RA, Class of '22
Skobieranda, Mary Student, Class of '22
Skrlaclo, Rachel Faculty, Education & Counseling
Slotter, Erica Faculty, Psychology
Smiley, Danielle Faculty, Mathematics and Statistics
Smith, Adam Staff, Provost
Smith, Alanna Student, RA, Class of '23
Smith, Gregory Student, RA, Class of '23
Smith, Kyle Robert Student, Class of '22
Soares, Patrice Staff, Learning Support Services
Socket, Ellen Staff, VSB
Sofianakos, Louis Grad Student, RA
Sokolowski, Beth Staff, Music Activities
Somich, Marisa
Graduate Student, RA
Somich, Maverick
Graduate Student, RA
Sommeling, Michael
Student, RA, Class of '23
Sommers, Emily Student, Class of '22
Sorgini, Gina Staff, College of Professional Studies
Speidel, Christine Faculty, Law School
Stackhouse, Christine Staff, Alumni Relations
Stahl, Kallie Staff, Communication & Marketing
Stefanowicz, Janus Staff, Theatre
Stehl, William Staff, Campus Ministry
Stephen, Barbara Faculty, Nursing
Stocum, CeCe Student, Class of '22
Stover, Brenda Staff, VSB
Stover, Colleen Staff, Chemical Engineering
Stovicek, John Staff, Mullen Performing Arts Center
Studer, Juliana Staff, Tutoring Services
Stuver, Amber Faculty, Physics
Subacus, Melanie Faculty PT, Classics
Subik, Nicole Staff, Learning Support Services
Sullivan, Abigail Student, Class of '22
Sweeney, Bill Student, RA, Class of '22
Szumanski, Kate Staff, OUS
Tabliaferri, Maria Student, Class of '23
Talley, Gina Faculty, CLAS
Tan, Matthew Student, Class of '22
Tavares, Michelle Student, RA, Class of '24
Taylor, Jessica Staff, DiLella Center for RE
Terry, Stephen Student, RA, Class of '23

Tian, Doudou

Staff, UnIT

TSB 205B - UnIT

Tiedemann, John Staff, Public Safety

Tighe, Lynn

Staff, Athletics-Student Services

JNF 1st Floor - Athletics

Toner, Cathy J. Staff, VSB
Tong, Shan Grad Student, Civil Engineering
Torre, Morgan Student, Class of '23
Toscano, Joseph Faculty, Psychology
Toy, Jordan Staff, OUS
Trail, Ann Staff, Office of Undergraduate Students, A&S
Trainer, James F. Staff, OPIR
Trask, Patricia Staff, Law School, Registrar Student Services
Tsai, Joshua Student, Class of '22
Tucker, Emma Student, Class of '22
Tumolo, Nick Staff, Dean of Students
Turner, Rebekah Student, RA, Class of '22
Turner, Toni-Lyn Student, Class of '22
Tuzio, Colleen Staff, Nursing
Umile, Thomas Faculty, Chemistry
Vaillancourt, Alissa Faculty, Classical Studies
Vaughan, Ryan M. Student, RA, Class of '23
Vazquez, Marco Student, Class of '22
Velthuis, Raisa Faculty, Finance and Real Estate
Venella, Allison Staff, Athletics
Vermulm, Travis Student, Campus Ministry Intern
Viescas, Amber Grad Student, A&S
Vilim, Sophia Student, RA, Class of '22
Villano, Debra Staff, Registrar's Office
Vuoto, Christie Staff, Career Center
Wahesh, Edward Faculty, Education & Counseling
Wahl, Jennifer Staff, Athletics
Waldman, Brianna Grad Student, RA
Walker, Laura Staff, Career Center
Walsh, David Staff, Campus Ministry
Wang, Q Faculty, Communication Department
Wang, Selena Student, RA, Class of '23
Wanjugu, Susan Student, RA, Class of '24
Ward, Lauren Staff, CASA

Warrick, Catherine

Faculty, Political Science

Watson, Carlena Staff, Environmental Health & Safety

Weaver, Juanita

Faculty, Communication

Garey Hall - Communication Department

Weicht, Ryan Student, Class of '22
Weinstein, Randy Faculty, Office of the Prosost
Welch, Erin Student, RA, Class of '23

Welch, Kelly

Faculty, Sociology

SAC 274 - Sociology Department

Welker, Andrea Faculty, Engineering

Welsch, Katharine

Staff, Inn at Villanova University

Dundale, Ground Floor - Development

Welsh, Eric Staff, Environmental Health Safety
Welts, Connor Student, Class of '24
Westermann, Carolyn Staff, Admissions
Westrate, Michael T. Staff, Office of UG Research & Fellowship

Wetzel, James

Faculty, Philosophy

SAC 177 - Philosophy Department

Wey, Ana Valentina Student, RA, Class of '23
Whalen, Nancy Staff, Law School

Whan Tong, Hubert

Staff, International Students

Connelly 2nd floor - International Student Office

Wheeland, Craig

Faculty, Office of the Provost

Whinney, Jennifer Staff, VSB
Whitfield, Emily Faculty, Biology Mendel 193A - Biology Department
Whitehurst, Jennifer Franks Staff, Law School

Whitney, Joan

Staff, Counseling Center

HSB 1st floor - Counseling Center

Wilhelm-Nelson, Kristina Staff, Law School Financial Aid
Williams, Yacina Student, Class of '22
Wilms, Emily Staff, UnIT
Wilson, Shannon Staff, VSB
Winer, Rebecca Faculty, History
Wittels, Mia Staff, Career Center
Woodin, Gavin Student, RA, Class of '24
Woodruff, Eleanore Student, Class of '22
Woods, Kristine Staff, University Communication & Marketing
Wosczyna, Terri Staff, Engineering

Wykoff, Dennis

Faculty, Biology

Yates, Jonathan

Faculty, Theology & Religious Studies

Yee, Terence Faculty, Education & Counseling
Yeostros, Grace Student, RA, Class of '22
Zak, Megan
Staff, Public Administration
Zhang, Xuewei Student, Class of '24
Ziarnik, Matthew Student, RA, Class of '22
Zubris, Deanna Faculty, Chemistry



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If you identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community and want to meet other queer individuals in a safe and confidential location, attend Oasis’s bi-weekly meetings. For more information contact Father Joseph Calderone by phone at 610-519–7477 or via email.



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