Villanova University's
Strategic Plan

Rooted in our Augustinian Catholic values.
Restless in our desire to ignite change.

We look to the future...
Villanova Church

We Are Villanova.

For more than 175 years, Villanova has been a community that ignites change. Our restless hearts and limitless drive lead us to continually reflect upon who we are, who we want to be, and how our Augustinian Catholic values chart our course.

A truly great academic institution must always seek to evolve and advance. This 10-year Strategic Plan—driven by our shared vision for Villanova—will continue to propel our University forward to a new level of success. A platform from which we, as an institution, can reach higher in serving our students, our community and the world.

As we soar, we never lose sight of our humble origins and the Augustinian values upon which Villanova was built. We remain deeply rooted in the traditions and history that forged our community—and ever restless to become an even greater Villanova.

Together, let us become what we are not yet.
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Our Vision For The Next Decade

The Strategic Plan outlined in this book is an ambitious 10-year effort. Developed through an open and community-based process, this plan has been guided and strengthened by the active participation of more than 5,000 faculty, staff, students, alumni, parents and friends.

This plan has truly been created by our community for our community. It will guide the University forward into our next era of greatness by building upon our strengths and enhancing the Villanova experience for our entire community, including undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and law students, as well as faculty, staff and alumni.

We will create transformative experiences for our students, guided by the wisdom of our Augustinian tradition, and the ideal of melding hearts and minds.

We also recognize a continued need to strengthen our foundation by investing in priorities that underpin all aspects of this plan.

The following pages highlight the aspirations and initiatives that drive and animate Villanova’s Strategic Plan. While these principles will guide us over the next decade, our Strategic Plan is a living document. As a University, we strive to remain nimble and adapt to our changing world in order to best serve our Villanova community—and ignite change across the globe.

Our Augustinian Catholic Values
We Aspire To

  • Maximize the Impact of our Augustinian Values
  • Foster a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Community
  • Build an Ever More Connected, Values-Driven Community

Our Desire To Ignite Change
We Aspire To

  • Advance Innovative Teaching and Learning
  • Create Dynamic Opportunities for Research and Scholarship
  • Propel Villanovans on a Path of Lifelong Success


Our Augustinian Catholic intellectual tradition is the cornerstone of a transformative academic experience dedicated to the continuous development of the whole person. It nurtures a community of learners who are driven to think critically, act compassionately and succeed while serving others.

Villanovans make this University a special place, give voice to our mission and make an impact on the world. We will thoughtfully and intentionally enhance the holistic support we offer to all who come here—allowing them to make the most of their Villanova experience and, in turn, strengthen our entire University. We will enrich our community by living our values in all areas and cultivating a sense of belonging among all Villanovans.

Villanova is a rooted, connected and powerful community. Our initiatives include:

  • Strengthen the impact of our Augustinian tradition
  • Meet 100% of demonstrated financial need
  • Promote institutional diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, and enhance dialogue across different perspectives
  • Maximize student life and athletic programs to enhance the Villanova experience
  • Support the professional development of Villanova staff and faculty
priest talking to students in front of church
students and professor in hands-on science class


Villanova attracts and forges world changers—people who create positive change everywhere life takes them. Augustine’s restless, searching heart echoes on campus and within Villanovans. Our academic experience—unrivaled in higher education—supports students as they discover their unique paths and readies them for lifelong success both personally and professionally.

We must continue to advance dynamic opportunities for learning, growth and the creation of new knowledge. We will continue to value, invest and excel in both teaching and scholarship—championing how their interconnection enriches the academic environment for both faculty and students.

Villanova is a restless, innovative and engaged community of learners—a launching pad for those who seek to ignite change. Our initiatives include:

  • Create more opportunities for faculty research and scholarship
  • Develop a University-wide initiative to enhance the graduate student experience
  • Explore and apply new teaching methods and tools
  • Enhance student and alumni career services

Strengthening Our Foundation

As we begin on this journey together—and propel Villanova to new heights—it is essential that we also focus on our foundation, the platform from which we seek to achieve our goals and allow our aspirations to flourish.

It is ultimately the strength of our foundation that will provide the necessary support for the Rooted and Restless initiatives of our new Strategic Plan and ensure the continuation of Villanova’s exciting upward momentum.

As stewards of our University and the Augustinian academic tradition, we must position Villanova to achieve its potential and thrive—now and into the future. We must continue to invest in a wide range of infrastructure and priorities in order to ensure our success.

To that end, we will:

  • Transform our academic facilities for our students and faculty as they engage in learning and scholarship at the highest levels
  • Extend the University’s commitment to sustainability to support the planet and its people
  • Continue to invest in leveraging technology and data/analytics
  • Maintain our excellent financial stewardship to ensure the University’s long-term success and stability
  • Inspire additional financial support to power our Strategic Plan and realize Villanova’s full potential
Villanova University entrance sign
priest smiling and conversing with students outside

Villanova’s Promise

This Strategic Plan strengthens the core of the Villanova experience—advancing our aim to develop students holistically. The following priorities shape an academic community in which students—undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and law—learn to think critically, act compassionately and succeed while serving others.

Academic Excellence: The Villanova experience is rooted in the collaborative pursuit of knowledge—through which professors and students are partners in learning. This environment provides opportunity for a wide range of academic endeavors, whether it be hands-on research, thought leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration or experiential learning.

Strong Community: At Villanova, we embrace St. Augustine’s belief that we learn best through our relationships and friendships with others. Our community urges self-exploration while rejecting self-centeredness. We believe that it is our ties and connections to one another that allow us to improve ourselves and the world around us.

Personal Attention: Villanova is dedicated to the well-being of every person throughout his or her experience, and long after graduation. There is open collaboration among faculty and students, as well as all community members who are invested in each individual’s journey.

Service To Others: Our Augustinian Catholic values challenge individuals to enrich their own lives by working for those in need. An integral part of our philosophy, academic and service programs allow students to use their knowledge, skills and compassion to better our communities, both locally and globally.

Foundation For Lifelong Success: Villanova’s definition of success reaches beyond job titles and material wealth: We are committed to preparing graduates for both successful careers and rewarding lives. The Villanova experience develops intellectually inspired, morally grounded and globally minded citizens who create positive change everywhere life takes them. The Villanova worldwide network is supportive, expansive and open to all.

modern sculpture in the center of Villanova campus

Villanova’s Path Forward

Our Strategic Plan sets the guiding aspirations for the next chapter in Villanova’s storied history. It asks the Villanova community to come together in support of what we know our University can achieve as a dynamic academic institution. It calls upon Villanovans to do what we do best—take on a challenge together, fueled by common goals and shared belief.

We will be recognized, nationally and beyond, for providing students a unique and transformative education—interwoven with values, knowledge and community—and unparalleled preparation for lifelong success.

This Strategic Plan is bold and ambitious. It provides a road map for our future, but we must recognize that it is a living document. While aggressively pursuing our goals, it is imperative we remain nimble and responsive to changes and challenges that may arise in industry or in the economy, adjusting our plans if necessary.

We are Villanova. We know who we are—and we always will.
We are rooted. We are restless.

We encourage all Villanova community members to remain engaged with this ongoing process. Updates will be available on

The Strategic Plan sets forth an exciting path for
the next chapter in the University’s history.
It is a plan that honors our past and our Augustinian Catholic values;
embraces our present and Villanova’s distinctive
experience and exceptional value;
and charts our future, which we will realize
with focus, drive and determination.
We are ROOTED.