All visitors to campus—anyone who is not a current student or a member of the faculty or staff—must take the following preventative measures to keep the Villanova community and themselves safe, and to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19:


  • All visitors to campus, regardless of vaccination status, are required to wear masks inside campus buildings (except when eating and drinking) to help protect our community.
  • Events that include visitors will once again be permitted. Visitors are strongly encouraged to be vaccinated, and regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks inside campus buildings (except when eating and drinking) and at any other time designated by the University.
  • Visitors will be expected to wear a mask when attending gatherings on campus, and organizers of events should convey this expectation to attendees.

For Villanova faculty, staff and students planning events, please refer to the Event Planning webpage.


If you have additional questions or concerns regarding Villanova's COVID-19 policies, please contact us:

Students (undergraduate, graduate, law):

Student Health Center
Phone: 610-519-4070

Faculty and Staff:

Human Resources
Phone: 610-519-7900