Surveillance Testing FAQs

The current plan is to randomly test the campus community, five days a week. The sample size, which will include faculty, staff and students, will test approximately 1% of the community per day.   

The daily numbers are going to fluctuate. Some days everyone may not show up, and some days additional tests may be added to the number based upon a certain population that may need extra testing that week. The goal of surveillance testing is to routinely test a percentage of our campus population. While the numbers may fluctuate on a daily basis, the cumulative effect of surveillance testing will provide necessary data.    

Any student currently enrolled at the University and living on campus or taking an in-person class, as well as faculty and staff currently reporting to work on campus.    

Each Friday, faculty, staff and students who are randomly selected will receive an email from requiring them to sign up and register for a test. 

The Student Health Center has partnered with Vault Health to provide the testing.     

Please sign up as quickly as possible once you receive the notification email. You will be assigned a window of five weekdays from which you may choose an appointment. 

The following would allow you to opt out of testing:

  • You are currently sick and cannot get to the Finneran Pavilion for testing.
  • You have a disability that would preclude you from being tested.
  • You have a religious belief or health concern that would exempt you from being tested.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days.
  • You are currently in isolation or quarantine and unable to attend.
  • Your in-person teaching is complete for the semester.
  • You have not started to teach on campus yet this semester.

Once participants have been selected they will then have the ability to request an exemption for any of the reasons outlined above by completing the COVID-19 Exemption from Surveillance Testing Form, (a link will be included in the selection email.)

Yes, those students with symptoms should call the Student Health Center at 610-519-4070. Faculty and staff with symptoms should stay home and contact their primary care provider. Any faculty or staff who is diagnosed with COVID-19—or a student diagnosed with the virus at a medical facility other than the Student Health Center—should notify the VU contact tracing team regarding their positive results at 484-432-7950, and the team will follow up on all COVID-19 positive test results.