As part of our COVID-19 health and safety plans, we’ve asked students not to engage in non-essential travel. 

Villanova students may visit with others community members on campus. However, visitors who are not Villanova students may not visit in a residence hall. Villanova students may visit other Villanova students in a residence hall or residence hall room, provided everyone has a face covering and not more than capacity is in the room, as outlined in Residence Life policies for this academic year.

Yes. Students are encouraged to interact and to be social; they simply need to do so in smaller gatherings, with face masks, and appropriate distance between people. Conversation, connection and small gatherings are very appropriate and desired. 

Students may call Public Safety, utilize the Nova Safe app to submit a tip, contact a RA or contact the Dean of Students Office. Additionally, we encourage students to not only “see something, say something,” but also “see something, DO something”—peer-to-peer accountability and bystander intervention in the moment is much more effective than reporting potentially problematic issues after the fact.

There are ways to dine safely indoors, including:

  • Only removing your mask when actively eating or drinking
  • Only sitting in designated areas
  • Not moving tables or chairs
  • Not having more than the specified number of individuals seated at or gathered around tables
  • Not eating in classrooms—no exceptions

All dining operations will be open and staffed and locations will still serve a variety of menu options, including salads, sandwiches, pizza, hot entrees and grill specials. Most items will be packaged individually and prepackaged grab-and-go items will be offered as well to help expedite service. 

Modifications have been made in all the dining halls, such as one point of entry and exit, and signage to guide customers while in the halls. These modifications and additional information about dining services can be found in the University’s Health and Safety Plan and on the website.

Students will be able to eat in the dining halls. If seating capacity has been reached in a particular dining location, students will obtain their food and it will be packaged in a to-go container. The student may proceed to nearby seating areas outside to eat (under a tent located near each dining hall or around campus) or may return to their residence hall.    

All of Villanova’s dining halls will serve a variety of food items as they normally do for each meal. Students will be able to choose what they want and whether they are eating in the dining hall or taking their food to-go. 

The Campus Activities Team (CAT) and the Office of Student Involvement provides lots of options! Additionally, our Community First Activities website offers suggestions on places to visit in the local area. Wildcat Newswire, published twice weekly, also lists upcoming campus events for students. Downtime is also great for overall well-being and mental health: consider hanging with your roommates, watching movies, card/video/board games, Netflix, read, star gaze, arts and crafts and exercise.  

Students must wear masks, limit the number of people participating, sanitize playing equipment and use good personal hygiene in the spirit of the CARITAS Commitment.