Important Information for Students Living Off Campus

Dear Off Campus Resident –

In four days, we will officially begin our Fall 2020 semester, which will undoubtedly be an exciting one!  

Students living off-campus hold both a unique and substantial responsibility when it comes to the role all community members play to make this a successful semester.  Just as you are relying on Villanova, the community is very much relying on you to remain diligent and thoughtful in your decisions and actions, and we are confident that you will remember to put Community First - especially off campus.

Please carefully read through the following information, which includes where to find up-to-date health and safety guidelines as well as possibility for disciplinary action through the student conduct process for students found to be in non-compliance.


Government Resources and Guidelines:

Students living off campus should follow the state and county’s most up-to-date guidelines in order to protect yourself and the surrounding community. As a reminder, your hometown may have different guidelines than what is required in the Villanova area.

Community First: The CARITAS Commitment

Students living off campus have increased exposure and an added responsibility to the community outside Villanova. It is Villanova's expectation that off campus residents understand this responsibility and take seriously the safety of themselves and others. Community First: The CARITAS Commitment must be a central guiding principle when making decisions as an off-campus resident.

All students living off campus are expected to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19, to include temperature checks, prior to coming to campus each day. If you feel ill, do not come to campus. Stay home and contact the Student Health Center at 610-519-4070.

Please avoid gatherings, refrain from sharing drinks, socially distance, always wear a mask, and wash your hands frequently. Local law enforcement may refer non-compliant students to local codes enforcement or health officials, who may issue citations for non-compliance with health and safety guidelines. As always, other local laws and ordinances will continue to be enforced, such as noise violations, littering and open container violations, and public intoxication.

*Please note, at this time, the Governor of Pennsylvania has issued an Executive Order that no more than 25 people can gather indoors. Masks are required in all public spaces.

Disciplinary Action for Non-Compliance

In some cases, the University may view non-compliance with local, state, and federal health and safety guidelines (I.e.: hosting large parties or gatherings) to be a violation of the Code of Student Conduct and therefore has the right to sanction students and student organizations, as the Code applies to conduct that occurs both on and off the Villanova campus.   Disciplinary sanctions issued through the student conduct process include but are not limited to disciplinary probation, removal from campus, suspension, and/or expulsion from the University.

Wellness Kit and Portable Chair Distribution

At the start of the semester, students living off campus will be provided with a personal wellness kit of disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, thermometer, and one cloth face covering. In addition students will receive a personal foldable chair that can be used for outdoor classes, physically distant student gatherings and outdoor dining.

Off-Campus Students and Graduate Students can pick up a wellness kit and a portable chair from Parliament (Coffee Shop in The Commons) on August 17, 18 or 19. Pick up times will be from 9am-1pm and 4pm-7pm each day. Please have your Wildcard available when picking up.

Campus Resources and Additional Information:

There are a variety of campus offices that offer health and wellness resources for off-campus residents, including the University Counseling Center and Student Health Center. Off-campus residents are encouraged to contact these offices for support.

Please download the NovaNow App on your smartphone. The Nova Now app will include COVID-19 campus information and resources, including a daily self-assessment tool which you should use each day to self-monitor for symptoms. Please be sure to update the app to the latest version at the start of the semester. Additionally, please follow the VillanovaCommunityFirst Instagram page for pertinent information throughout the semester.

Lastly, please continue to review the University’s Return to Campus Plan for the latest guidance, information, and resources. For questions related to off-campus living, please contact For COVID-19 related inquiries or other questions, please email


Sydney Scheiner
Coordinator for Conduct and Community Engagement
Dean of Students Office

Laura Manion
Assistant Director of Government and Community Relations