Same Commitment: On and Off Campus

Dear Off-Campus Student,

We are excited to welcome you back for the Spring 2021 semester. While the next few months ahead will continue to present us with familiar challenges, we have proven that we can overcome those obstacles together.

Students living within the local community must acknowledge and accept the unique and substantial responsibilities for reducing the spread of COVID-19. While we were able to safely hold an entire in-person Fall semester, we cannot become complacent this spring and jeopardize our ability to complete the academic year and allow our senior students to finish out their last semester on campus. 

We ask that you to familiarize yourself with the University’s updated COVID-19 health and safety policies, which includes the CARITAS Commitment, as these policies will remain in effect for the Spring 2021 semester.  

Please note the expectations outlined in the CARITAS Commitment apply to students both on and off-campus, including when visiting apartments, local establishments and all other public and private spaces. Those found responsible for attending and/or hosting a gathering uncompliant with University policies may face suspension from the University.

Many local restaurants have resumed in-person dining operations, which include guidelines such as 50% capacity for indoor dining, a required meal with on-premises alcohol consumption and 11 p.m. last call. Local police departments have been made aware and will increase their patrol throughout the weekend.

Thank you for putting Community First both on and off campus.  We would love to see you at the Community First events taking place on campus every Friday and Saturday this semester, as they are also open to students living off-campus. For COVID-19 related inquiries or other questions, please email and follow @VillanovaCommunityFirst on Instagram.

We would also like to remind you of the principles of being a Good Neighbor:

  • Be Respectful: Take time to introduce yourself to those living around you. Build positive relationships with your neighbors, and mediate any concerns in a civil and timely manner.
  • Be Considerate: Do not leave cans, debris, or other types of litter on your property for your neighbors to see. Be mindful of trash/recycling pick-up days. You can be fined for failure to keep your property clean. Call your local municipality to schedule a bulk pick up if you need to throw away large items, such as furniture. If it snows, it is your responsibility, as a good community member, to shovel your walkway.
  • Be Mindful: Please be highly aware of your volume level. Yelling in the street is never appropriate. Understand that you are accountable for your guests’ actions and ensure they are respectful of surrounding neighbors. Refrain from gathering in large groups outdoors when walking through the local neighborhoods.
  • Be Safe: Keep your windows, doors and cars locked. Practice safe drinking strategies, including avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and staying together with friends. Never drink and drive. Avoid public intoxication and refrain from disorderly contact. In case of an emergency, please dial 911 immediately.

For more information and resources available to you as an off campus student, visit our Off Campus Living website or email us at

Let’s have a safe and successful semester!


Stay well,

Laura Manion
Assistant Director of Government and Community Relations

Sydney Scheiner
Coordinator for Conduct and Community Engagement