Image of Father Peter conducting an outdoor mass

Events at Villanova during the spring semester will be strictly limited in keeping with local, state, and federal guidelines. In some cases, they will be reimagined as virtual events to allow the entire community to participate.

University Events  

Calendar and Event Policy 

Since many meeting spaces will be used as classrooms, campus events will be significantly reduced to those essential for academic, athletic or student service purposes. Faculty, staff, and students should plan events and meetings as virtual gatherings to eliminate the need for in-person gatherings. All campus events, both virtual and in person, must be submitted to the University Calendar.  

The Event Management Committee (EMC) centrally reviews all requests for events and is entrusted with approving only those that can be held safely and without infringing on the need for academic space. Faculty and staff should submit all event requests for publication on the University Calendar via the Event Management website. Student leaders should refer to the policies communicated from the Office of Student Involvement.  

The EMC will communicate safety guidelines with all event planners for both virtual and in-person gatherings. 

Campus Masses

Campus Ministry is creating a plan to increase the number of Campus Masses on Saturday and Sunday evenings to accommodate participants. The Mass schedule, along with additional resources, will be located on the Campus Ministry website.   

Meetings and Programs 


Due to physical distancing guidelines, capacity for meetings spaces has been reduced. Faculty, staff, and students are strongly encouraged to be creative with event and meeting plans and—when possible—plan virtual gatherings.  

The Event Management Committee has created guidelines for reserving meeting space and follow up with the event planner regarding safety guidelines. Room configurations and sanitation protocols will be communicated prior to space use.  

To create additional meeting space on campus, open-air tents have been erected throughout campus to accommodate student needs. View the Tent Locations, Guidelines and instructions on how to reserve a tent.

All students have been provided with portable chairs to facilitate physically distant outdoor gatherings, when feasible.


For information on campus tours and admissions presentations, please visit the Undergraduate Admission website


Villanova University continues to work to foster a vibrant community with creative events and programs through active student organizations. 

Student organizations are recreating events and meetings guided by creative distancing and virtual options. Student leaders have been trained regarding how to hold safe events and meetings. The Office of Student Involvement has communicated with student organization leaders to guide them with clear and standard practices to manage their events and meetings.  


Villanova is committed to all of our community partners, and we are currently working with them to find creative and safe ways to continue working with each one. In order to protect the local community, our domestic and internal partners, and the campus community, we will prioritize health and safety, following local, state and federal guidelines.