Think negative! COVID updates from Villanova University

Think Negative! - COVID updates from Villanova University on our response to the COVID Crisis, ways of staying safe on campus, and other information.

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Ep. 9: Thankful! (with Peter Donohue)

Ep. 8: Playing Strong Defense (with Coaches Jay Wright and Denise Dillon)

Ep. 7: Self-Grading Our Work (with Provost Maggitti)

Ep. 6 Leadership in Turbulent Times (with SGA President Amanda and VP Caroline)

Ep. 5: We Can Sustain This (with Sustainability Manager Liesel Schwarz!)

Ep. 4: The Future of Villanova Athletics (with Athletic Director Mark Jackson)

Ep. 3: Leave No Trace (with Nurse Pracitioner Mary Agnes Ostick)

Ep. 2: Spike. (with Fr. Peter Donohue)

Ep. 1: Why should you Think Negative?