Villanova Mask Wearing Guidelines

Community First: The CARITAS Commitment

As we return to campus, there are some important reminders and guidelines about wearing a mask on campus. Following PA Department of Health guidelines, Villanova community members must wear a face mask inside campus buildings and while outside, unless doing a solitary activity where they can consistently guarantee 6 feet of social distancing with others. 

At Villanova, the only exceptions to the mask wearing requirement are:

  • When exercising alone
  • When eating and social distancing is maintained
  • When showering or brushing your teeth
  • When alone in your office
  • When you are alone in your room or with your roommate(s)

"Your Guide to Masks," published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, provides helpful tips on choosing and wearing masks, including information about double-masking in certain circumstances. 

Make sure to wear and carry a face mask with you at all times, and don’t be afraid to speak up and ask/remind others to do the same. WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.

Let’s stay safe, be smart and always put Community First!