COPE'S 10-Year Anniversary Series

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Our 10-Year Anniversary Series, “Feeding the Need. Developing Solutions” celebrates the path we have carved and sets a vision for the future. We reflect on our role in the community, the needs we have sustained and the solutions we still seek as we contribute to the collective agenda of the nutrition and weight management focused sector of health care.

The last 10 years

are an amalgamation of discovery and understanding the needs of nurses, dietitians, and other health professionals and health coaches and developing applied nutrition-focused programming and research that is solution-based and translatable to clinical practice and public health programming.

Looking forward to the next 10 years (and beyond),

COPE will continue to develop and share the discoveries of others, of inspiring and innovative solutions designed to address the relevant nutrition and health-related needs in our community, healthcare practice, patient population, and underrepresented groups.

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