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The Spanish Program pairs exceptional language instruction with diverse exposure to the cultures and language varieties of the Spanish-speaking world and socially engaged, community-based research.

Spanish is spoken on every continent on Earth, and the influence of the Spanish language on Western society extends throughout space and time. Villanova students gain appreciation for the importance of Spanish in a global economy through interdisciplinary courses in the Liberal Arts Program, the Cultural Studies program, and firsthand experiential learning. Spanish courses are inherently interdisciplinary, being grounded in history, politics, cultural production—literatures, film, theater—sociolinguistics, the post-colonial world, and contemporary issues in Spanish-speaking communities.



Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers of any language (after Mandarin), and it is one of the four most spoken languages in the world. Knowledge of Spanish connects you with this global majority, and your experience can be enhanced by spending summers and semesters abroad in Spanish-speaking countries to boost your proficiency.

The wide geographic coverage of Spanish combined with its complex history and cultures adds depth and breadth to students’ personal and professional lives.

Because Spanish is so prevalent in the US, Spanish-English bilingualism is highly sought-after in industry and other areas of the private sector. Many prospective employers in technology, business, medicine, and social services prioritize applicants having knowledge of Spanish, both in hiring priority and in their compensation packages.

Spanish Undergraduate Coordinator:
Dr. Salvatore Poeta
St. Augustine Center 336

Hispanic Honor Society:
Dr. Miguel Ibáñez-Aristondo
St. Augustine Center 330

Spanish Lower Division Coordinator
Dr. Cristina Percoco
St. Augustine Center 344

Oral and Written Proficiency for all languages:
Dr. Cristina Percoco
St. Augustine Center 344


An internship opportunity for undergraduate students with advanced proficiency in Spanish and an interest in helping the Hispanic community