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The French and Francophone Studies program offers a wide range of courses and experiences, both on campus and beyond, that will prepare you for success in our increasingly globalized world.

Our FFS faculty are committed to providing students with an understanding of the French language and expanding their cultural competence through varied classroom experiences, extra-curricular activities, and study abroad opportunities. You can start learning French in introductory courses or further develop your language skills in intermediate, composition and conversation classes. Taught entirely in French, our upper-level seminars cover a wide range of subjects and geographical areas related to the faculty’s expertise in literature, cinema, and cultures of the Francophone world.


No matter what career you decide to pursue—healthcare, international development, marketing, finance, consultancy, fashion, etc.—your language and intercultural skills will set you apart from most job seekers and drastically increase your marketability.

Our program aims to give you a complete experience in the Humanities. Your engagement with critically influential texts, films, and thinkers, as well as with contemporary popular culture will allow you to understand and better contribute to the complex world we live in.

Over 300 million people speak French around the world—and even in (cyber) space! French is the fourth most spoken language in US households. By speaking it, you will be able to better negotiate cultural diversity and relate to people all over the globe and within your community.

Coordinator of French and Francophone Studies
French Majors and Minors
Coordinator of Internship Program in Madagascar
Dr. Etienne Achille
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Dr. Beatrice Waggaman
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