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  • Date/Time/Place: Monday, Nov 1, 2021, 4:30 pm, Mendel Science Center 154
  • Title: First-Time Founder: From Mendel Hall to $2.1B Acquisition 
  • Abstract: Join Mike Viscuso (CS & Math, ‘04) to hear about his 20-year computer-science journey. Starting at 18-years-old, Mike worked as a cryptographer for the NSA and then as an offensive hacker for the CIA. Mike’s experience at the CIA led him to an idea he believed would forever change computer forensics. After literally being booed off stage while presenting his idea at a conference, he emptied his bank account, built a prototype, and began pitching VCs for funding. After hearing “hard pass” almost 150 times, he finally got one VC to take a chance on a first-time founder. They wrote him a small seed check. Over the next 10 years, Mike grew the idea that got him publicly humiliated into a business that was acquired for $2.1 billion. In this chat, Mike will reveal the biggest lessons learned on his 20-year journey and explain why, now, he’s committed his life to helping first-time founders.