Roommate(s) Wanted: 4 bed/2.5 bath house in Berwyn

Hello! I’m a young health professional looking for a female roommate to join me in a 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom home for rent. My current roommate is moving out to live with her significant other. The home is beautiful with a large open kitchen/dining/living room common area and sunlit front porch/sunroom. There is also a large unfinished basement for storage, off street parking, and a small unfenced yard. We would essentially split the four rooms (so each person has two rooms) and you would have your own private bathroom. I am also open to two new roommates that would each have one of the two available rooms and share the bathroom. I have a cute little cat that keeps to herself, and a large friendly golden retriever who will definitely be all up in your business :). I would prefer no additional pets as my cat does not get along with other animals besides my dog.

I’m pretty quiet at home and enjoy reading, writing, painting/drawing and meditation. I also enjoy working out at a nearby gym, and am constantly outside hiking or exploring. I also enjoy going out to new restaurants and bars and would love a roomie to do fun things with sometimes and would LOVE a hiking buddy! I only work an average of three days a week but they are long shifts (13+ hours). The neighborhood is cute and quiet, with a nice park within a minute walk and several restaurants/bars within a 5-10 min walk. Also within a 5 min walk of the Berwyn septa station. 20 minutes from Villanova. I feel another quiet young professional or grad student/resident/etc might be a good fit. You’ll find this a calm and quiet environment for studying, but also a friendly roommate to take a nice break with sometimes :). I don’t smoke and like to keep the common areas clean. I am in a long term relationship so do have a visitor quite often. Rent is $1375 each if split two ways, $900 each if two new roommates. Will be available anytime starting June 1, but can be flexible on a move-in date throughout the summer. Open to a variety of lease durations. Look forward to hearing from you!

Location: Berwyn, PA

Rent & Utility Cost: $1375 per person (or $900 if three people)

Contact Name: Kristen Bartholomew

Contact Email: