Looking for additional roomate(s) and housing

Hello! We are two graduate students who will be starting our second and final year at Villanova this coming August looking for another roommate(s) for a 3 or 4-bedroom apartment within 30 minutes of campus. Jenna, who is working towards her Master's in History, and I (Jasmine), who is working towards a Master's in Political Science were roommates for this past year and are looking for an additional roommate(s) in a new space.

We are focused on our studies but still make time for relaxation and just to hang out. We both have cars and would require parking. I also have a cat, but he is a registered ESA. We don't smoke and like to keep the common areas clean. We are both fairly active and work out often, and we are both also in long-term relationships and occasionally have visitors. We would like to stay within a budget of $1000-$1200 per roommate. As we are both graduating in May of 2024, we do not wish for the lease to extend past then. We look forward to hearing from people!

Location: Within 30 minutes of campus by car

Rent & Utility Cost: $1000-$1200 per person

Contact Name: Jasmine VanDyke

Contact Email: jasminevandyke1121@gmail.com

Contact Phone: 8287736248