Looking for a female roommate for fall 23 - spring 24

Hello! I am looking for a female roommate for next year (Fall 23 - Spring 24). My name is Rachel and I will be in my second and final year of the Geography and the Environment program next year, so I am only looking for a roommate for 1 year. I am looking to either fill the room in my current apartment or move somewhere else.


My current apartment is in the Stonegate Apartments complex in Devon, about a 12 minute drive from campus. The apartment is 2 bed 2 bath, so we each would have a private bathroom. The room I am looking to fill is the larger of the two, has an AC unit and two large windows. There is a large living area, small balcony and a washer and dryer. There is lots of parking and the lots are lit very well at night. There is a small gym as well as some other amenities. The rent is $1,270 not including utilities. It is within walking distance to a Target and ACME and about a 10 minute drive to Giant. My current roommate moves out in May, so I would be looking to fill the room after she leaves.


I would also like to hear from anyone who is looking to fill a room in their apartment. I would like to be no further than a 15 minute drive from campus, preferably somewhere quiet. I’m from Flemington, NJ which is a little over an hour from campus. I like to go home pretty frequently, so I will most likely not be at the apartment during the weekends. I spend a fair amount of time out of the apartment, but when I am there I’m quiet, just doing homework or hanging out. I’m a pretty organized person and I like to keep shared spaces clean. I don’t have any pets and I do not smoke and I would like my roommate to also not smoke. Pets are ok. I look forward to hearing from people!

Location: Devon, PA

Rent Utility Cost: $1,270 not including utilities

Contact Name: Rachel Carrara

Contact Email: racarrara99@gmail.com