Seeking housing and possible female roommate for Fall 2023

I'm from Mountain Top, PA. I graduated from King's College in 2020 where I majored in Economics, Spanish, and Philosophy. I am a current 1L at the law school. I am passionate about environmental and international human rights law. The roommate does not have to be a law student but it's preferred. I spend nearly all my time studying including weekends so I need quiet at home to study. I typically spend the whole day (9am-8:30pm) at the law school studying during the week.


I will not have a car with me nor am I bringing a pet.


Location: Must be close to campus such that I can catch the Villanova shuttle to go to school.

Rent Utility Cost: Max budget is $1,000 including utilities

Contact Name: Alison Moyer

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 5708992846