Looking for a roommate ( preferably female )

Hello my name is Fanny Yangu . I will be a second year full-time graduate MPA student starting this fall 2022 . I currently live in cherry Hill , NJ ( next to woodcrest train station) with a roommate who is moving out of state . My current lease ends on 09/30/2022. I am more than likely moving as current rent is $2083 ( I cannot afford it by myself) with a possible increase at renewal in September. I am looking for a roommate . Preferably a female . I prefer no pets . I have no preference about living in New Jersey or Philadephia . I am originally from Miami, Florida. I do not know my way around NJ/PA area . I am currently communiting by train to school ( Patco train for Jersey & SEPTA train for philly ) as my car was declared a total loss . My budget is $1000 or less including utilities. Please don’t hesitate to reach out . Thank you 

Location: South Jersey/PA area as long as it is safe. 

Rent & Utility Cost: My budget is $1000 or less including utilities.

Contact Name: FANNY YANGU

Contact Email: faniwanny@aol.com

contact Phone: 3058128803