Externship and Practicum Enrollment Form


  • You must submit this form to be enrolled in an externship or a practicum.
  • You must secure the externship before submitting this enrollment form.
  • For summer externships, this form must be submitted on or before the Friday before the summer externship orientation class.
  • For fall and spring externships, this form must be submitted at least one week before the semester begins.

Student Information

Note: All summer externships and all judicial externships are limited to 3 credits.  Click here for work time requirements for various credit amounts.

Note: The Law School's academic rules provide that a student may earn no more than 9 externship and practicum credits and no more than 17 credits from externships, practicums, and clinics combined.

Externship Placement Information

Note: This is the name of the judge, government office, nonprofit organization, law firm, or corporate law office for which you will be externing.

Externship Guidelines


Before completing, please read the Program Requirements

Faculty Advisor Information

Note: For approved placements, the faculty advisor is listed on the externship course description found here.  For independent placements in the Fall and Spring semesters (except judicial externships), a member of the law school faculty must agree to serve as your faculty advisor before you submit this form.  For all summer externships, list Matthew McGovern as your faculty advisor.

By submitting this form, you certify that the faculty member named above has agreed to serve as your faculty advisor for this externship.