Villanovans are driven to do more, to be greater, to change the world around us. That restless call takes us to places we never expected—and teaches us who we want to be. The journey never ends. 

Join today’s students and alumni as they share where Villanova has taken them. Some have traveled around the world; others have stood on the national stage; all are grateful for the power of the Villanova community. With support from Villanovans like you, their journey continues. 


Jalen on court

“I always wanted to be in the NBA, ever since I was a kid,” he says. “But I also knew I wanted a degree. I wanted to get a plaque on my wall next to my parents. That was important to me, and I knew I was going to do it.”

Jalen Brunson’s Villanova journey is far from ordinary. In three short years on campus, he won two national championship titles and was named Naismith Player of the Year. 

While the championship games were some of the most memorable parts of Jalen’s Villanova journey, he says one of his proudest moments was graduating from Villanova—after finishing his degree a year early.    

Athletic prowess aside, he was also like many Villanova students—studying hard, thinking about the future and enjoying life when friends were just a few steps away. 

“For me, the most memorable moments were making the connections I still have today,” he says. “My teammates; my friends; but it was also everyone else I met on campus. Being so connected, it was really special. It opened my eyes and made me realize what Villanova was all about—it’s a family.”

Now, Jalen’s journey continues, and he is experiencing a transition that fellow Villanova alumni will find quite relatable: living on his own, dedicating himself to his career and finding his way in an entirely new setting. 



headshot of katherine

College of Engineering | Class of 2020

“I’m prepared to go into the world and show everyone what Villanova is all about. It’s about passion. It’s about community. It’s about love.”

Katherine Kametz was drawn to Computer Engineering so she could study the world’s dependence on technology. But her Villanova experience gave her the opportunity to explore another passion—film.

During her sophomore year, Katherine enrolled in the University’s Social Justice Documentary program and joined the student team producing Sankofa. Flash forward to October 18, 2019—the day Sankofa won Gold for Best Documentary at the Student Academy Awards.

This is just one of the many highlights Katherine has experienced along her Villanova journey. She also treasures the friendships that grew from study groups and the ability to learn about herself and her place in this world. Katherine says that Villanova has prepared her to take on the future and show the world what Villanova is about—passion, community, love.


headshot of Brad

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Class of 2020

“At Villanova, who we are matters. In classes, we share our personal stories that developed our racial identities and talk about how cultures vary from one another and how they shape our idea of leadership.”

Brad de Jesus is a storyteller—a passion that has taken him from the classroom, to the U.S./Mexico border, to Tanzania. Throughout his travels, the foundational values he gained at Villanova underscored Brad’s efforts to capture people’s diverse experiences through storytelling.

Through courses in Intergroup Relations and Multicultural Leadership, Brad learned how individual identities and leadership ideals are informed by one’s culture and background, and how differences should be valued. These lessons came to life when Brad embarked on a Service and Social Justice Experience in San Diego and Mexico last spring.

Brad received Villanova’s Emerging Leader of the Year Award in 2018 and the Ignite Change award in 2019; he is now helping others tell their stories through a social justice documentary investigating the Tanzanian water crisis through the lens of local villages—the latest project from the course that produced Student Academy Award-winning Sankofa.


headshot of Kelsea

Villanova School of Business | Class of 2021

“I attribute much of my preparation for the future to the strength of the Villanova network. I have met alumni who have mentored and guided me through internships that have led me to a career that I am passionate about.”

Within her first year at Villanova, Kelsea Wong gained first-hand experience in blockchain—one of the most cutting-edge innovations in the financial industry. Through the Villanova School of Business (VSB) Global Citizens Program, Kelsea studied abroad and interned in Singapore, sparking an interest in finance that led her to double major in Finance and Real Estate.

A recipient of Villanova’s St. Martin de Porres scholarship, Kelsea is also grateful for VSB’s Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate, through which she took part in a trek to New York City. Kelsea attended a presentation by the Chief Operating Officer of SL Green and visited the construction site of 1 Vanderbilt, which will be the largest office building in the city upon its completion.

For Kelsea, being part of the Villanova community has prepared her for the future by teaching crucial life lessons—especially how to build a strong work ethic by learning to balance academics and extracurricular activities. She also credits the strength of the Villanova alumni network for providing her with mentorship and guidance as she developed her career path and interests. 


headshot of Justin

M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing | Class of 2020

“Villanova has taught me to not be afraid, to strive for the highest, to love, give and care for others. Villanova has shaped me to shed a positive light on people in the world.”

When Justin Covington was younger, his grandmother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Justin assisted in caring for her during this time, which awakened a calling toward a career in healthcare that he chose to fulfill through the M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing.

Through Villanova Nursing, Justin’s learning opportunities extended beyond the classroom to include clinical experiences at top area hospitals, including the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Abington Memorial Hospital.

Amid this rigorous curriculum, Justin was the nation’s top Football Championship Subdivision rusher last October. Preparing for a game nearly every week, Justin valued the support he received from professors and peers who wanted him to succeed—whether in uniform, or in scrubs.

These relationships have been some of the most rewarding and memorable aspects of his Villanova experience. “These are people I will continue to talk to for the rest of my life. I could not be more grateful for that,” he said.


headshot of Heather

College of Professional Studies | Class of 2020

“Not only has Villanova prepared me to be a competent leader as a paramedic in an urban EMS system, I have also learned to be personally accountable and aware of how my actions impact others.”

Heather Edwards, a paramedic and mother of two living in Colorado, began her Villanova journey from afar—enrolling in the College of Professional Studies’ online program in Public Service Administration.

“Villanova stood out as one of the best,” she said.

While she may not be on campus, Heather is every bit a Villanovan: She thirsts for knowledge, eagerly puts lessons into practice, and feels compelled to ignite change for the common good. Heather plans to use her degree as a launchpad to a leadership position in urban emergency medical services, and she is already growing personally and professionally.

“Villanova taught me how to foster leadership in others and how to coach coworkers in their various roles,” she said. A scholarship recipient, Heather is grateful for the opportunity to pursue her education.


headshot of Jadyn

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Class of 2020

“Villanova gave me the opportunity to work on a revolutionary science project—capturing the first image of a black hole. It has been the most memorable and rewarding experience of my life.”

The first-ever image of a black hole made headlines around the world last year, but this momentous scientific event was especially impactful for Jadyn Anczarski. The physics major was part of a research collaboration—involving Villanova professors and experts around the world—that made the groundbreaking discovery.

The research team has been recognized with the Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, and Jadyn—a Schuylkill County, PA, native—has published and presented his findings to the American Astronomical Society.

Jadyn never expected to make headline news during his time at Villanova—in fact, Jadyn wouldn’t be at Villanova if not for the generosity of alumni, parents and friends. Jadyn is the recipient of The James C. Curvey Endowed Scholarship and Fellowship, which helped him attend Villanova. When Jadyn took an interest in black hole research, The Sprows Family Undergraduate Research Fellowship allowed him to pursue this exciting interest.


headshot of Emma

Charles Widger School of Law | Class of 2020

“My experience as a student attorney in Villanova Law’s Clinic for Asylum, Refugee & Emigrant Services (CARES) taught me to successfully engage with clients in order to advocate for them.”

For Emma Sullivan, the decision to attend Villanova Law was driven by her desire to learn through practice and apply her skills acquired in the classroom to hands-on, real-word situations.

She developed that experience as a student attorney in the Clinic for Asylum, Refugee & Emigrant Services (CARES). Emma participated in several challenging asylum cases where she directly advocated for her clients and utilized skills from her legal research and writing courses.

Now as a 3L student, Emma is spending the full academic year at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland through Villanova’s JD/LLM International Studies program. This unique opportunity allows her to complete both degrees in three years’ time and apply her legal education to her specific interest in human rights. After graduation, Emma plans to incorporate the expertise she has gained at Villanova Law to pursue a career in international law.