Undergraduate Engineering Research Poster Symposium

In addition to pursuing self-directed research, Villanova Engineering undergraduates and graduate students have the opportunity to conduct research with faculty through the College’s six research centers or in a variety of specialized research areas.

To find the research opportunity that is right for you, talk to your advisor or contact a faculty member who is conducting research in your area of interest.

University Research Opportunities

Campus-wide, Villanova encourages student research through a variety of programs and competitions:


National and International Research Programs

The University’s Center for Research and Fellowships provides students with exceptional support to enhance their career trajectories through mentoring, research funding and assistance in winning competitive awards.

Villanova Engineering students have enjoyed national and international research opportunities through external programs, including:



Lauren Henderson, Computer Engineering

“The freshman year cybersecurity project piqued my interest in threats to fingerprinting technology. I took my idea for an improved device to my professor (who became my mentor) and the department funded my research!”

—Lauren Henderson, Computer Engineering

Brent Studenroth, Mechanical Engineering

“Conducting research at the GIANT Innovation Campus in France furthered my professional development and communication skills, exposed me to research in an advanced field, and allowed me to experience a completely different culture.”

—Brent Studenroth, Mechanical Engineering

Gabriel Lopez, Electrical Engineering

“If not for Villanova’s core values and emphasis on social responsibility, I do not think I would have been directed toward this Fulbright research opportunity, which incorporates the engineering solutions-oriented mindset with issues of social justice.”

—Gabriel Lopez, Electrical Engineering