Engineering honors students enjoy intimate seminar courses

Each year, 25 to 30 incoming engineering students are selected to the University’s Honors Program. No special application is required, however, interested students should apply to Villanova by November 1 to be considered and must indicate their interest on the member section of the Common Application. Students admitted to Villanova are invited to the Honors Program within a week of their acceptance to the University.

Ten Honors classes are required to earn an Engineering Honors degree, at least four of which must be in engineering.

  • EGR 1200—the freshman engineering course (Honors section)
  • Junior Experience—EGR 2001 Engineering in the Humanistic Context (Honors section)
  • Senior Capstone Option 1—Undergraduate research: CEE 4612, CHE 4831, CHE 4832, ECE 5991, ECE 5992, ME 5001, ME 5002
  • Senior Capstone Option 2—Capstone design (must be approved by professor, department chair, and director of University Honors Program before the start of the semester): CEE 4601, CEE 4606, ECE 4970, ECE 4971, ME 5005, ME 5006 (Honors section)
  • Senior Capstone Option 3—Capstone design: CEE 4606, CHE 4232, ECE 4972, ECE 4973, ME 5006 taken in conjunction with EGR 4007
  • Other engineering courses (must be approved by professor, department chair and director of University Honors Program before the start of the semester; Honors section)
  • Graduate level courses (senior year with permission, must be used towards undergraduate degree)
  • ACS 1000 and 1001
  • THL 1000
  • THL, ETH, PHI, HUM, HON, and Social Science electives
  • MAT electives and requirements
  • Courses taken during study abroad (up to 6 credits, approved by director of University Honors Program) may be counted towards Honors requirements

Additional Opportunities and Information

  • Honors students will develop a plan of study through their primary academic advisor in the College of Engineering, as well as through the University Honors program
  • Special consideration is given to Honors students when applying for the  INNOVATE: The L3Harris Summer Program.
  • Additional opportunities exist for presenting work completed as part of the Honors program
George Long '22 Computer Engineering Honors

“As an Honors student, you will have a much smaller interdisciplinary engineering course your first semester, and you’ll learn your fellow students’ strengths and weaknesses, which will help improve everything you work on. The Honors Program will help you go further than you thought you could, with a constant support system in place and new friends along the way. And it’s also given me the opportunity to study abroad this summer in Dublin!”   

—George Long ’22 Computer Engineering, Honors