How to Apply
Application for admission to the College of Engineering is processed through the Office of University Admission.

First-Year Semester Schedules
Engineering students' schedules are pre-selected by the Registrar's Office. You will not be asked to register for courses; however, you will be asked to complete a course selection questionnaire in order for the Registrar's Office to complete your schedule should your situation include ROTC, athletics, AP credit, etc.

Foreign Languages
There is no language requirement for the engineering curriculum. Students who may want to continue their studies in a foreign language and/or pursue a minor in that language will need to take the online Language Placement Test. All questions pertaining to this test should be directed to the language department.

AP, IB, and Pre-Matriculated Credits
Engineering students may be eligible for transfer credit for college-level courses based on their high school performance on the Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Examinations.

Be sure to include Villanova's school code (2959) at the time of the AP test to expedite score reporting. If you wait to learn your scores before ordering them to be sent to Villanova, it is likely that we will not be able to accommodate Calculus and Chemistry changes in your Fall schedule, as seating in these classes is limited. Contact Laura Matthews at 610 519-4943 with any questions.

AP and IB credit are automatically awarded after scores are received and reviewed. If a student opts to take the course again at Villanova, they should discuss with their academic advisor prior to declining any AP or IB credit.

For more information, view the Advanced Placement credit policy, which also includes details about credit for college-level work completed prior to high school graduation (pre-matriculated credit).

Computer Requirements
All incoming Engineering first-year and transfer students are required to own or purchase a Microsoft Windows based laptop computer. Students must bring their laptops to class as course work often requires the use of a computer.  Apple - MAC computers are not compatible with all engineering application software that is required for engineering course work. Review minimum computing requirements.

Class Attendance
Class and laboratory attendance for first-year students is mandatory.  A first-year student will receive a grade of "Y" (failure) whenever the number of unexcused absences in a course exceeds twice the number of weekly class meetings for the course. A list of excused absences is available on the Provost’s website.

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