As a Villanova College of Engineering first-year student, you will begin your fall semester with a common course schedule that will include:

ACS 1000 - Ancients* or ACS 1001 - Moderns*
CHM 1103 - General Chemistry Lab I
CHM 1151 - General Chemistry I**
EGR 1001 - Career Compass First Yr A
EGR 1200 - Egr. Interdisciplinary Project
MAT 1500 - Calculus I**
THL 1000 - Faith, Reason and Culture

*ACS (Augustine and Culture Seminar) is a requirement for the first year and may be taken in any sequence.

**Students who have received exam credit (i.e., AP credit) or completed these courses at the college level will be assigned a higher level requirement.

Daniel Fetsko, Civil Engineering

“The freshman project gives you a chance to see a real application of what you’ll be doing as an engineer and helps you adjust to working in teams, which is something you’ll do throughout your career.

Daniele Fetsko, Civil Engineering

Laura Moore, Civil Engineering

“In your first semester, find a group of people to study with who will encourage you to work hard and be balanced. These people will not only help you succeed but also become some of your best friends.”

Laura Moore, Civil Engineering

Caroline MacLaren, Computer Engineering

“Become engaged in the College’s first semester freshman program. You'll be surprised how it sparks your interest in other engineering disciplines! Be open to that and explore it.”

Caroline MacLaren, Computer Engineering

EGR 1200 - Engineering Interdisciplinary Project

The highlight of the College of Engineering’s first-semester program is EGR 1200, the engineering interdisciplinary project. During the first half of the fall semester, this course will introduce you to engineering analysis, design and research using an active-learning, problem-based approach. During the second half of the fall semester, you will be assigned a team-based interdisciplinary engineering project on which you will be mentored by teaching and research faculty in whose fields these projects are based.

Transfer students that enter the college of engineering after freshmen year may substitute a technical course, in consultation with their advisor, for EGR 1200.

Academic Advising

Each first-year student is assigned an academic advisor who is a full-time faculty member in the department of your chosen major. It is incumbent upon you to get to know your academic advisor as they can help you:

  • Adjust to university life or point you in the right direction for answers
  • Select minors and concentrations
  • Consider career choices, internships, post-graduation employment and graduate school
  • Secure referrals, when appropriate

Perhaps most importantly, your academic advisor will help ensure proper course selection and your advancement in the academic program. At pre-registration time each semester, your advisor will provide you with an up-to-date summary of the courses you have taken and those you are still required to take to obtain the target degree.




Engineering Service Learning

Villanova Engineers are inspired to solve problems, think creatively, work collaboratively and innovate in every field.