Graduate courses that are provided by Department of Biology and approved by the program director.

Dr. Zuyi (Jacky) Huang
Biochemical Engineering Graduate Studies


Emily Harris, Master’s in Biochemical Engineering.

“I'm grateful to have been part of a graduate program that was small enough to allow me to interact with all of the other graduate students and all of the faculty. It helped me develop a really well-rounded approach to my research.”

Emily Harris, Associate Scientist, Janssen Pharmaceuticals



Colleen Clark, Master’s in Biochemical Engineering.

“I chose Villanova because I had a wonderful experience there as an undergraduate. There’s a great faculty to student ratio, and professors are happy to provide mentoring to their students.” 

Colleen Clark, Scientist I, Bristol-Myers Squibb



“There are a lot of pharmaceutical courses throughout the program that are in line with what I do every day. The combination of theory and the practical application in the classroom helps me to apply what I learn to what I do in the lab at work.”

Mike Weiss, Senior Associate Scientist, Janssen