COVID-19 University Updates

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, Villanova University continues to closely monitor the situation and the advice of experts, following guidance from the state and federal government. The University’s leadership team meets regularly to discuss and make decisions with regard to operations and to ensure the health and safety of all members of our community.


Courses will be taught online for the summer semester. (Read more from April 6, 2020.)

All on-campus conferences and campus this summer are canceled. (Read more from April 17, 2020.)

Students will not be able to return to campus to gather their belongings from the residence halls until the stay-at-home order has been lifted. (Read more from April 3, 2020.)

At this time, no decision has yet been made on the fall semester.


COVID-19 has touched every part of our University, and Villanova affirms that as a diverse and inclusive community, we must support and respect all individuals who are impacted by it. Our Augustinian Catholic mission calls us to care for all people and honor our enduring commitments to the common good. Our pursuit of truth leaves absolutely no room for harboring stereotypes or prejudice. We denounce any such attitudes and behaviors, and urge all Villanovans to treat others with respect, care and empathy.


Here are some of the most recent messages from the University sent to members of our community.

May 29, 2020 - Message from the President to the Villanova Community

May 22, 2020 - Message from the President on Memorial Day Holiday and Start of Summer Semester

May 18, 2020 - Message from Vice President for Student Life on retrieving items from residence halls (follow-up to April 27 message)

May 12, 2020 - Message from the President on 2020 Commencement and Summer Fridays

May 7, 2020 - Message from the President on University Response to COVID-19 Disruptions  




If you have questions not answered by the website, please use the following information to find the appropriate contact.

For academic-related questions, students should contact their instructors, and faculty should contact their department chairs. Students can access remote learning resources by following instructions on the Learning Remotely Page.

For study abroad questions, the Office of Education Abroad at or 610-519-6412

For housing questions, the Office of Residence Life at

For Commencement 2020 questions,

For health-related questions, the Student Health Center at or 610-519-4070

For admissions questions,

For student activities questions, the Office of Student Involvement at 610-519-4210 or

For HR questions, the Office of Human Resources at or 610-519-7900

For public safety questions, 610-519-5800

And for general questions,



For more information about the coronavirus, including state and federal guidance, as well as specific information on symptoms, transmission, prevention and treatment, you can visit:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
US State Department


Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Governor's Office


World Health Organization (WHO)