The VSB MBA program is enhanced by opportunities to help students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the international community. Of particulate note, all students have the ability to participate in an international trip as part of the required capstone course, MBA-8920 Global Consulting Practicum, or through select international immersion elective offerings.

Capstone: Global Practicum

The Global Practicum is designed to enrich each student’s awareness and understanding of the factors that shape business opportunities in a specific foreign market. To achieve these objectives, students conduct research on and immerse themselves in a foreign culture. They partner with an organization working in that market to evaluate strategic opportunities and innovative areas for development and expansion. As part of this course, Fast Track students are required to participate in an eight-day trip in the selected country during their second Spring semester. Flex Track students have the option of taking a “domestic” section of the class or traveling with the Fast Track or Online MBA programs each semester.  Activities in country include a mix of corporate visits and cultural activities. Selected countries vary by semester, but tend to be those with emerging economies.

International Immersion Electives

International Immersion electives are available to students who wish to expand their studies and gain deeper insights into a foreign economy through short-term study in the country. All international elective courses are approximately two weeks in length and are 3 credit courses. Travel locations vary and may be offered in the fall or summer semesters. Locations are subject to change.

Previous Locations

Dubai, UAE
Australia & New Zealand
Shanghai & Beijing, China