The Fast and Flex programs both follow a 48-credit curriculum.

Fast Track students must follow the course sequence designated in their course progression sheets. Flex Track students have more flexibility in their progression timeline, but must follow the prerequisites stated below. Sample course progression can be seen below. 


  • Begins each fall
  • 24 months to graduate
  • 11 specializations available



  • Begin in fall, spring or summer
  • Set your own pace; students typically finish in 3 - 4 years 
  • 11 specializations available


All MBA Fundamental and Functional Core courses must be completed before registering for any Capstones. Functional Core courses must also be completed before students register for electives OR students may take electives in the same semester they are completing their Functional Core as long as the elective course is not in the same subject area as the Functional Core course. VSB Pillars may be taken with Functional Core and Elective courses, and must be completed before or concurrently with the mid-point Capstone course (MBA 8910). Capstone courses should be taken at the end of the program.


Students are required to take 15 credits of electives by taking 1.5 credit or 3 credit courses. Elective offerings vary by semester, and new courses are continually added that cover timely, important business issues.

While not a program requirement, if interested, students can choose to pursue a specialization. Specializations are awarded to students who take a minimum of 7.5 credits within one of the subject areas (see side bar). When registering for courses through Novasis, each elective’s respective specialization(s) will be listed in the course comment section. Credits from electives counting toward two or more specializations can be double counted. For those students who choose not to specialize, a general business MBA will be awarded upon successful completion of the program requirements.

  • Analytics (ANLT)
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI)
  • Cybersecurity (CYBR)
  • Finance (FINC)
  • Healthcare (HLTH)
  • International Business (IBUS)
  • Marketing (MKTG)
  • Mgmt Information Systems (MGIS)
  • Real Estate (RE)
  • Strategic Management (SMGT)
  • Sustainability (SUST)