Post-Conference Summit

University of San Diego's Center for Restoritive Justice

Restorative Justice: Addressing the impact of the election on campus

Friday, July 24 8:30am-12:30pm
Cost: $35

“In restorative justice, we do a radical thing. We let people talk to each other.” Lauren Abramson

The Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses (RJNCC) invites ASACCU colleagues to join in a post-conference learning opportunity about the principles and values of restorative justice (RJ). Participants will leave with an understanding of how restorative practices can be applied to support the creation of difficult and necessary dialogues as well as used to respond to incidents involving impact and harm. Framing will focus on application to the current election cycle and social-political climate on campuses. Attendees are encouraged, if possible, to attend with members of their campus team in order to engage in strategic planning about how they will address election dynamics and implement their learning on their campus.

As a result of participation, attendees will:

  • Articulate the alignment between restorative justice, their university’s unique mission, and Catholic Social Tradition.
  • Understand the use of various restorative practices including restorative mentoring (one-on-one conversations), circles, and conferences as well as how they can potentially be used during the election season.
  • Experience a restorative circle designed to foster dialogue on campus climate and receive an overview of the skills needed to implement.
  • Gather resources and ideas from colleagues preparing for similar work on their campus.
  • Leave inspired to engage restoratively with the challenges of the current election season.