Where can you take your Villanova education?

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At Villanova University, we prepare our students to become intellectually inspired, morally grounded global citizens. Many expand their horizons through study abroad experiences that allow them to view their studies and the world through a new lens. Numerous international programs are available with options for every major.


Study abroad is an extension of—not a break from—your Villanova education. International learning experiences offer you different ways to learn and develop as an individual and as a global citizen.

At Villanova, we ask students to evaluate and select an international experience with the following five goals in mind that we refer to as the OEA Framework

Study abroad students have the opportunity to broaden their academic pursuits, learning in a new environment and studying topics from a different perspective. You can take a class not offered at Villanova, explore an area of interest outside your major or examine your chosen discipline from a different point of view. Language students can also work on their fluency and take classes in the host language alongside native speakers.

Many Villanovans describe their study abroad experience as ‘life changing.’ But how can you make your experience transformative?

Be open to new ideas, perspectives and approaches. Entering your study abroad experience with an open mind and enthusiasm can help you develop a broader world view.

Immerse yourself in and engage with local communities. Be open to challenges, ask questions and explore life beyond the classroom.

Reflect upon your experiences. Personal and guided reflections aid your individual growth and allow time to process what you have learned.

As Villanovans, we are called upon to answer global questions and to solve international problems. A study abroad experience can prepare you for this challenge.

Students learn to work in culturally diverse situations and relate to and accept different cultural viewpoints, better positioning them for success in today’s global society.

Study abroad experiences can help students develop the critical skills—problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork, collaboration and leadership—most valued by employers in today’s global economy.

Those who study abroad are encouraged to identify and explore areas that will support their career during their summer or semester abroad. International internships are one of many ways students can develop career readiness and important work-related skills.

Villanova students acknowledge the broader impact of studying abroad on local communities and use their international experiences to reflect on the common good of the global society. By learning about different points of view, respecting local peoples and cultures, and integrating new ideas upon return, Villanovans strive to be forces of positive change in the world.


Students abroad in Cadiz, Spain

Offered as semester, summer, yearlong and two-week intensive experiences, students can choose from programs led by Villanova faculty or those offered through an affiliate partner program.

Programs are available for every major, though some majors are limited to certain semesters or years.


Students can study abroad as early as spring semester first-year, depending on their major.


Early planning is key, especially for Science, Engineering and Nursing students.

Some majors are limited to certain semesters or years, depending on academic requirements.


Most students begin planning for study abroad at least nine months prior to departure.


Learn more from our Global Key Ambassadors, current Villanovans who serve as resources for students considering a study abroad experience.


Program application and approval deadlines are intended to help students considering studying abroad to remain on schedule. Please note: Some programs at Villanova may have earlier application deadlines and all Partner Programs application deadlines are independent of Villanova deadlines.

Term Attend a Mandatory
First Step Info Session
Complete Application and
Approval Process
Fall by April 1 by April 15
Academic Year by April 1 by April 15
Spring by October 1 by October 15
Summer (VU Faculty-Led) As part of Application by April 1
Summer (non-VU Affiliated) by April 1 by April 15




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