University Staff Council

University Staff Council (USC) is a body composed of staff employees elected by their staff colleagues to represent the concerns of and act as a voice for their constituents.

USC will be an open forum where, within a spirit of respect and frankness, staff representatives and other colleagues will discuss and address cross-University topics and concerns with respect to community building, job fulfillment, work process improvement, and other issues with the ultimate goal of contributing to the Villanova’s Mission and values.

The name of the organization is “University Staff Council” (USC).

ARTICLE II: Council Activity and Context
Section A:
The USC will be an open forum where, within a spirit of respect and frankness, staff representatives and other colleagues will discuss and address cross-University topics and concerns with respect to community building, job fulfillment, work process improvement, and other issues with the ultimate goal of contributing to the University’s Mission and values.
Section B:
The USC will maintain close communication with the President and key Villanova departments and offices as it makes recommendations and in certain instances upon approval from the President or appropriate Vice President, Associate Vice President or Executive Director plans and implements projects and procedures.

ARTICLE III: Reporting
The USC will report directly to the University President. The Chair and Vice-Chair of the USC will meet with the President on a regular basis. The USC will closely coordinate community events with the Assistant to the President for Events.

ARTICLE IV: Staff Council Membership
Section A:
Membership will consist of one representative from each major area of the University. In addition, smaller units, in order not to be left out, will be grouped in clusters and a single representative elected for each cluster of units. The Council Members link defines the areas from which representatives will be selected.
Section B:
Representatives can be any non-union* staff member up to and including the position of Director, who is not a full-time faculty member.
Section C:
USC representatives will serve as information hubs, conveying information and ideas from their constituencies to the USC and, conversely, communicating USC activities and issues to staff members of their constituencies. With the permission of the department head, the USC representative has the flexibility to decide whether permanent or ad hoc teams should be formed within the department to enhance performance and build community.
*Union staff members are represented exclusively by their Union with respect to the terms and conditions of their employment.

ARTICLE V: Elections and Term of Office
Section A:
Representatives will be elected by staff within the particular areas. An Elections Committee will handle this process. Elections will occur every two years. For the first year, the ET Leader group will design and implement the election process. Subsequently an Elections Committee of the USC will do such. The Elections Committee will make recommendations as needed regarding the election and replacement of members.
Section B:
A USC representative’s term of office is two (2) years. Representatives are eligible to run for re- election. Representatives cannot serve more than 2 consecutive terms. A representative elected or appointed to fill the remainder of a vacated seat may serve that partial term and 2 additional full, consecutive terms if that representative took over the vacated seat more than halfway through the term of the one vacating it. If it is less than half the term, the representative can serve only one additional full term.
Section C:
The President will appoint one of his staff to sit on the USC as a full fledged member.
Section D:
All Chairs of USC committees will be ex-officio, voting USC members. The committees may draw on others, e.g., faculty, staff, and students, depending upon the required expertise.

ARTICLE VI: Officers and Executive Committee
Section A:
The USC will select four officers from among its membership: 1 Chair, 1 Vice-Chair, 1 Treasurer and 1 Secretary.Their term of office is 2 years with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms. These four officers, as well as the presidential appointee, will constitute the Executive Committee which may meet privately at times (e.g., to prepare for USC meetings, meetings with the President and other key business).
Section B:
If it is absolutely necessary to make decisions in between full USC meetings and if it is impossible to poll University Staff Council Members, the Executive Committee may make such decisions.

ARTICLE VII: Attendance at Staff Council meetings
Section A:
Representatives are expected to attend all meetings. If however a representative has two unexcused absences over an academic year, the leaders of the Staff Council will send a letter to the representative asking if he/she still wishes to serve. The Executive Committee of the Staff Council will look into the situation and, if necessary, call for an election of the replacement the representative.

Section B:
If a representative misses a meeting for a valid reason, he/she may send a substitute and this substitute has full voting power.

ARTICLE VIII: Link to Department Heads, University Senate, Faculty Congress and Student Government Association
Section A:
Each member of the USC will meet regularly with the leader of the area they represent to ensure effective communication.
Section B:
The USC Chair and Vice-Chair will be ex-officio, voting members of the University Senate.
Section C:
The Chair and Vice Chair of the USC will meet as necessary with the leaders of the Faculty Congress and the leaders of the Student Government Association to ensure close communication.

ARTICLE IX: Meeting Leadership/Location/Notification
Meetings will be led by the USC Chair. If for any reason the Chair is unable to attend the meeting, the Vice-Chair will lead the meeting. The USC will meet once per month at a University location. USC meetings will be publicly announced and will be open to all interested Villanovans, staff, faculty, students, alums, etc.

ARTICLE X: Staff Recognition
The USC will continue to actively support, participate in and plan university-wide forms of staff recognition. Such programs include: Distinguished Service Award (Individual and Team Awards), Above and Beyond Awards, Work Process Improvement Award.

ARTICLE XI: Community Gatherings
The USC will actively support, participate in and plan university-wide events (such as the Bread and Soup Lunch, Faculty/Staff Picnic, Christmas Social, Midnight Shift Recognition events).

ARTICLE XII: Suggestion System
The Suggestion System for work process improvement, whereby “any Villanovan at any time can make a suggestion for improvement” will be maintained by the USC and will be operated by a committee of the USC. All suggestions will be shared with the applicable decision maker in the area(s) that would be impacted by the suggestion.

The USC will have an annual operating budget that will be allocated by the President’s Office.

ARTICLE XIV: Reviewing and Amending the USC Charter

This Charter will be reviewed annually at a USC meeting. The Charter may be amended by a two- thirds vote of the members present. Proposed amendments must first be approved by the President before coming to the USC for a vote.
Approved by Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A. President, Villanova University
April 2008

Image of the Villanova choir at a performance


Staff Council general body meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month and are open to all staff. Look for more information in Campus Currents about joining us via Zoom at a future meeting.  

NOTE: Meetings will resume in August 2022. 



University Staff Council Meeting 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Vasey Hall G06 (ground level)

2:00 – 3:00 p.m. 

Call to Order and Welcome: Ashley Leamon

Special Guest: No guest for May

Updates on Old Business:

·       Promoting Staff Picnic and Family Fun Day

o   Family Fun Day: Sunday, May 22

o   Staff Picnic: Monday, May 23

o   Donations for Campus Ministry will be collected during both events

·       Elections for New Reps

o   4 seats to be filled this summer

o   Summer meetings will be cancelled for 2022; meetings will resume in August

o   Continue to send Area Updates for June and July and will be distributed monthly

·       Committee Member Updates

o   Anybody interested in switching committees, email Ashley and Liz

o   If a USC member would prefer to roll-off early, email Ashley and Liz

o   USC discussed adding representatives from the ERGs (approximately 7) and additional reps per area based on number of constituents represented

Committee Updates:  

·       Communication – Christine Nass & Akima Redding

o   No updates

·       Community – Nat Harrison

o   Staff Picnic on Monday, May 23 – 11 food trucks with Chico’s Vibe performing, tailgate games, etc.

o   If anybody is interested in helping setup, meet Community at 10:30 am by the Oreo

·       Staff Development – Tim Bair

o   June 1st from 12 noon until 1 pm is the first Staff Development Lunch Series, leveraging LinkedIn Learning, to have a small group discussion in Bartley 1010. Bring your own lunch. Snacks and drinks will be provided. See Campus Currents for more information and to register.

·       Staff Recognition – Amy Lenahan

o   The Villanogme Form will be sent out on Campus Currents.

o   The three awards will be announced later this summer and will be presented at the staff return to campus lunch.

o   Staff Recognition is also understaffed (only 2 members) and is seeking volunteers to join the committee.

o   New ideas include:

§  Additional awards for the University to acknowledge staff employees

§  A professional development fund that would subsidize professional development programs that individual departments may not be able to afford.

§  Collaborating with Human Resources to expand the Staff Recognition Dinner.

·       Staff Resources – Lorraine Holt

o   Two suggestions:

§  Have there every been team sporting events (intramural sports) for faculty and staff?

§  Is there an opportunity to lock all office doors from the inside?

Area Updates: Ashley Leamon

Auxiliary Services

1.     Art Gallery - The Villanova University Art Gallery is undergoing renovations over the summer and will reopen in August.

2.     Conference Services - The 2022 summer conference season has begun and we are still in search of staff. We are in need of Service Desk Assistants and Conference Assistants. If you know of any college-age students with a valid US drivers license, please spread the word.

College of Professional Studies


1) Villanova Athletics Leadership Summit, June 23 & 24, Finneran Pavilion. The College of Professional Studies in conjunction with Villanova Athletics, brings you the Villanova Athletics Leadership Summit. This program is ideal for individuals with a passion for sports management and anyone aspiring to build their leadership skills through the lens of the Wildcat mentality.


2) Pre-College Summer Academy, July 11-15 and 18-22, Online. An academic experience for high school student's the Pre-College Summer Academy is taught by Villanova faculty and is open to students age 13 and above, typically rising 10th, 11th, and 12th graders who will be applying to college in the next couple years.


Student Life

Office of the Vice President for Student Life

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  

We would like to share this collection of resources available for all staff across the University:

·       Introducing Wellbeats

We are pleased to introduce NOVAfit!’s new wellness portal, Wellbeats! If you have not done so, please register your Wellbeats account to take advantage of all the great programs. Wellbeats is available to all full-time benefit-eligible employees. The Wellbeats portal includes classes ranging from fitness to nutrition to mental health. With May being Mental Health Awareness month, we encourage you to try out the “You in Mind” program. Wellbeats link.

·       Villanova University HR Resources

Villanova Human Resources offers many opportunities for staff to optimize their well-being. Please consider taking advantage of these resources! A collection of courses curated in LinkedIn Learning, including Wellness at Work and in Life (note that staff will need to activate their University-sponsored account in order to access). Health Advocate and new/improved wellness program through NOVAFit are also excellent options to explore.

·       Podcasts and Resources

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we encourage staff members to make the most of resources both at the University and beyond. Please consider visiting this Google doc filled with online resources for well-being. Additionally, you'll find a series of podcasts from iHeart Radio, as well as The Gallup PodcastThe Science of Happiness, and Ten Percent Happier, that tell stories of mental well-being and provide tools for your wellness journey.

·       Campus Ministry and Spirituality Offerings

Campus Ministry welcomes you to deepen your spirituality both in groups and as an individual, with many of offerings available for students, faculty and staff—please visit these Campus Ministry resources. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, we welcome you as we search together.

Student Life Professional Development Summit: June 7

The Division of Student Life is hosting full-day experience for staff in the division, including a keynote speaker about serving our student population, break-out sessions, and a casual afternoon of playing yard games and community building.

Office of Student Involvement

A heartfelt Thank You to all staff across the University who volunteered to help during multiple days of Commencement and related activities!

Professional Development Opportunities

Challenge Course Facilitator Training This Summer

This summer, the Office of Student Involvement is offering training for Student Life and other interested staff to become Challenge Course facilitators. Facilitators lead student groups through mentally and physically demanding challenges on our low ropes course on campus and the outcomes are profound. No experience is necessary. For more information, including training dates and paid opportunities within this role, contact stephen.koch@villanova.edu.

2022 SUNY Spectrum Hybrid Conference: 9/15-16

SPECTRUM is more than an acronym. It represents the resilience, the power, and the survival of the LGBTQIA+ community in the face of systems that uphold cycles of marginalization, rejection, and violence. SPECTRUM strives for access to safe spaces and resources, action toward a more inclusive and accepting future, and the achievement of an environment where queer individuals of all colors, genders, and identities can thrive out loud instead of survive in silence. Contact healthbytes@villanova.edu for more information.

Grounded in Mission—Creating the New Normal: 6/2

Join us Thursday, June 2, from 2 to 5 p.m., for a workshop reflecting on where we are, personally and professionally, with creating new normals through challenges, questions that remain unanswered and occasions where joy broke through our work. Lisa Kirkpatrick, EdD, Vice President for Student Affairs at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX, will facilitate conversation with founding faculty of the Mission Integration Institute (MII). MII is a week-long experience sponsored by the University of San Diego where participants engage in reflection, education and inspiration around mission-driven institutions and ways we contribute to furthering our mission on our campuses. Contact alicia.dunphy-culp@villanova.edu for more information.

Health Services

Office of Health Promotion

New Resource Highlight: The Nod App. The Office of Health Promotion is excited to announce that we will be launching the Nod app, an app add-on to our Thrive 365 portal. Nod is a science-backed app helping college students build vital social skills. This app will help students identify key psychological and behavioral targets that empower students to break the cycle of disconnection and form more satisfying social connections. Through the app students can utilize short in-app exercises that help process social experiences, reduce self-criticism, and build resilience so they can keep progressing towards their social goals. To learn more about Nod’s other features visit https://heynod.com.

Office of Disability Services:

·       Number of students who utilize accommodations through ODS continues to climb annually

·       ODS team welcomed McKenna Keegan (MPA masters program) in Fall 21 as an ODS Intern and successfully built the foundation for future interns.

·       ODS team welcomed two undergraduate interns in the Spring of 2022 and partnered with CLAS allowing their experience to also count as credit.


·       LEVEL returned to in person meetings in the Fall of 2021

·       LEVEL returned to hosting on and off campus experiences during the 2021/2022 year.

·       LEVEL returned to hosting events with campus partners such as The Career Center (Network CapAbility) Athletics (NOVABILITY), Public Safety (Pizza with Public Safety) to name a few.

Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Staff Update Olivia Farkas will be leaving Villanova to pursue a new opportunity at the University of Pennsylvania as the Associate Director of Employee Experience in the Human Resources Department. We are so excited to see her begin this new journey and want to wish her the best of luck!

Student Performing Arts

Student Performing Arts held numerous end-of-semester student performances at the end of April in Mullen and other venues on campus.

The Band had 50 undergraduates stay to play for Commencement exercises. Twelve undergraduate students supplemented the chorus of 40 graduating seniors, and the twelve also performed for Graduate Commencement.

University Advancement

-        Alumni Relations is hosting the Class of 2020 June 3-5 for Welcome Back Weekend.

§  All members of the Class of 2020 are invited to stay on campus or can just participate in the events. A weekend of activities beginning Friday night with a Welcome Reception on the Green, Saturday will have a Graduate Walk in the Topper Theatre, and a Picnic on the Oreo, Mass and Convocation and conclude with the Blue and White Bash on Mendel Field.

-        Reunion for Classes ending in 2 and 7 are scheduled for June 9-12.

New Business (Open Floor for Questions, Ideas, and Suggestions)

·       Conference Services is still hiring student workers. Spread the word for Conference Assistance and Front Desk Assistance. Employees need not be Villanova students—anybody 18 years or older, with an active driver’s license and an ability to lift 35 pounds.

·       Dougherty Hall and the Art Gallery are closed through August for renovations.


Next Meeting: August 2022, TBD


The Executive Committee guides publicity, schedules meetings, prepares agendas, meets with Faculty Congress and SGA. If necessary, the committee makes decisions in between full USC meetings.

Ashley Leamon, Chair

Elizabeth Remelius, Vice Chair

Molly Freitag, Secretary

Chrissy Quisenberry, Presidential Appointee

Alex Iannucci, Presidential Appointee

Lisa Harris

Auxiliary Services
McKenzie Suber-Roberson

Charles Widger School of Law
Jennifer Jeffrey

College of Engineering
Therese Wosczyna

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Elaine Lamberto

College of Professional Studies
Ivy Wang

Enrollment Management
Todd Robinson 

Facilities Management
Muriel Murray

Falvey Library
Lorraine Holt

Financial Affairs
Alex Richards

Human Resources
Tim Bair

M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing
Rachel N'Diaye

Mission & Ministry
David Walsh

Office of the Provost
Akima Redding

Presidential Appointee
Chrissy Quisenberry

Presidential Appointee
Alex Iannucci

Public Safety
Amy Lenahan

Student Life
Christine Nass

Nicole Gostkowski

University Advancement
Brian King

University Communication and Marketing
Nat Harrison

Villanova School of Business
Kelly Amber


Christine Nass, Committee Co-Chair
Assistant Director of Music Activities, Division of Student Life 

Akima ReddingCommittee Co-Chair
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Office of the Provost

Elaine Lamberto
Sr. Administrative Assistant, Office of the Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

David Walsh
Campus Minister for Sports and Spirituality, Office for Mission and Ministry

The Elections Committee establishes and carries out operating procedures for the nomination and election of members to USC.

Ashley Leamon, Chair
Assistant Director, Technology and Operations
Graduate Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

The Staff Recognition Committee provide opportunities for staff recognition.

Amy LenahanCommittee Chair
Police Officer, Public Safety Department

Muriel Murray
Day Shift Supervisor, Facility Management Office

McKenzie Suber-Robinson
Director of Conference Services

The Community Committee plans, supports and actively participates in university-wide events that promote community.

Nat Harrison, Committee Chair
Director,  Undergraduate Marketing
University Communication and Marketing

Jennifer Jeffrey
Paralegal, Law School Instruction
Charles Widger School of Law Representative

Brian King
Development Officer
Office of University Advancement

Todd Robinson
Assistant Registrar Professional Education Program
Registrar's Office


The Staff Development Committee provides continuing educational opportunities for staff.

Tim Bair, Committee Chair
Training and Development Coordinator, Human Resources
Human Resources Representative

Kelly Amber
Program Coordinator, Executive MBA Programs
Villanova School of Business Representative

Lisa Harris
Associate Director, Intramurals and Recreation
Athletics Representative

Alex Richards
Insurance & Claims Analyst, Office of Financial Affairs

The Staff Resources Committee provides an opportunity for all Villanovans to make suggestions for improvement.

Rachel N'Diaye, Committee Chair
DNP Program Assistant
M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing Representative

Lorraine Holt
Finance/Admistration Specialist, Falvey Library

Therese Wosczyna
Sr. Administrative Assistant, College of Engineering


Image of the Villanova choir at a performance


Throughout the year, Staff Council offers opportunities to celebrate community and recognize the great work of Villanovans across campus. Through professional development, coffee breaks, food truck events and volunteer opportunities,  there are mutliple ways for the Villanova community to learn more about Staff Council and their area representatives.