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University Compliance Office

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The University Compliance Office is responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of a compliance and ethics program that supports the institution’s mission in a growingly complex regulatory environment. The Office also supports senior leadership’s implementation of an enterprise risk management system that will enable the assessment of strategic risks as part of an integrated and coordinated process that takes into account the entire University.

What We Do

The Office serves to:

  1. promote and encourage a commitment to compliance with applicable laws and the highest ethical standards in the pursuit of all University activities;
  2. raise awareness regarding high risk compliance areas and the University policies and processes in place to support these areas;
  3. utilize an enterprise risk management process to identify and assess risks, and select appropriate management strategies to lessen their possible impact;
  4. coordinate compliance-related functions and offices throughout campus; and
  5. assure internal and external stakeholders of the University’s diligence in keeping compliance and ethics considerations at the core of how we conduct ourselves as representatives and stewards of the University and its resources.  

Each member of the Villanova University Community of faculty, staff and students is responsible for promoting a culture of compliance with laws, regulations, University policies, and ethical standards.  The University Compliance Office proactively oversees and coordinates the University’s overall compliance efforts, and is ready to assist the University Community with any compliance-related questions or concerns.

About the Office

The University Compliance Office came into existence in January of 2014 with the hiring of the University Compliance Officer, who reports directly to Rev. Peter M. Donohue, O.S.A., Ph.D., President, and the Audit and Risk Committee of the Villanova University Board of Trustees. 

The Office’s Mission Statement contemplates the creation of a University Compliance and Ethics Program that will serve to strengthen the compliance infrastructure that is in place to support faculty, staff and students in all of their academic, administrative, athletic, engagement and research undertakings. 

In implementing the University Compliance and Ethics Program, the University Compliance Officer will prioritize the compliance areas to be addressed in an Annual Work Plan that will be presented for consideration and approval to the University President and the Stewardship (formerly Audit and Risk) Committee. 

Effective March, 2014, President Donohue and his senior leadership appointed the members of the University Compliance and Ethics Program Advisory Committee.  The Committee includes broad based representation from faculty and staff, many of whom work in key areas of compliance oversight at Villanova.  The Committee members will lend of their knowledge, subject matter expertise, and experience, to help guide the Program’s implementation efforts and prioritize the compliance initiatives during this formative year and for years to come.

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Our Address

University Compliance Office
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
204 Tolentine Hall
Villanova, PA 19085-1699

Phone: 610.519.5466

Fax: 610.519.5022