Duane Morris LLP Legal Writing Program

Director of Legal Writing Christine Mooney

The Charles Widger School of Law's Duane Morris LLP Legal Writing Program is a rigorous, intensive program that develops in-depth research, analysis, writing, and oral communication skills during the first and second years of law school to provide students with exposure to and assessment of the written and verbal skills students need to be practice-ready. During the first year course, the Legal Research, Analysis, Writing & Communication course is taught jointly: the Legal Writing faculty provides instruction regarding analysis, writing, and oral communication, and the Legal Research faculty provides instruction regarding research tools and strategies.  Recognizing the importance of written and verbal skills in the legal profession, Villanova Law redesigned its legal writing curriculum as part of its five-year strategic plan. Under the new curriculum, students also receive rigorous writing instruction in upper level courses.

The Villanova Legal Writing Professors are committed to providing students with the skills they need to succeed. Together, the full-time Legal Writing faculty has over seventy years of teaching experience and over sixty years of practice experience. They create new and innovative exercises each year to introduce various skills in different situations and are committed to meeting with students outside of the classroom setting and to working individually with students. In addition, our Legal Writing Professors regularly present at national and international conferences, publish on topics related to legal writing and other subjects, serve on various faculty committees, help organize the national Legal Writing Institute Conferences, volunteer outside of the law school, and serve as advisors to students.