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Protein structure

Faculty Research

Scholarly research and creative contributions are explored within the 22 academic departments and 14 institutes and centers that make up the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In our science laboratories, faculty and students work together to hypothesize, synthesize, measure and analyze. Many of these researchers travel the world to gather samples, measure environmental conditions, or look for new species. In the social sciences, Villanova researchers carefully sift through survey and archival data to uncover explanations for human behavior. Faculty in the humanities critically analyze texts and translations to explore the relevance and meaning of thought and life. The creative disciplines promote the human condition through visual, auditory and tactile media.

Biology bunch

Student Research

Villanova is nationally recognized as a top University for undergraduate research. Our undergraduate students write and produce award-winning documentary films, publish their laboratory research in top science journals, and present their projects at research conferences in the United States and overseas. Students complete faculty-mentored research projects both during the academic year, and also throughout the summer months.


Grant Development

To be successful at research, Villanova faculty often prepare funding requests to government agencies and private foundations. Grants allow faculty to purchase equipment and supplies, provide stipends for students, and pay travel expenses to remote sites for data collection and archival research. Our Office of Grant Development provides help in writing and submitting proposals to funding agencies. The Office of Grant Development works together with the University's Office of Research Administration to insure that Villanova faculty remain compliant in safe and ethical research practices.

Xray diffractometer

Research Facilities

Departments within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences maintain modern facilities equipped with state of the art instrumentation. Equipment is purchased both by the University, and through the acquisition of grant funds from public and private funding agencies. Our equipment is accessible to undergraduate students for research and training, allowing them to fully prepare for graduate school or industrial employment

Student Research

University Research

Villanova’s scholarly culture is a fundamental part of our community of learners. Associate Vice Provost for Research, Amanda M. Grannas, PhD, serves as an advocate for Villanova scholarship and supports the research and creative endeavors of our dedicated and distinguished faculty and our talented students. The Offices of Research Administration offers support for processing and managing research proposals and grants, and the Center for Research and Fellowships offers support for student research, national scholarships and fellowships and the Presidential Scholars program.

Leica confocal

Imaging Center

The College's newly upgraded Imaging Center provides state of the art equipment to examine structures at both the cellular and molecular levels. The laboratory includes both scanning and transmission electron microscopes, a confocal microscope, fluorescence microscope, and digital recording equipment to view molecules in cellular or experimental environments.

Statistics Education

Centers and Institutes

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences houses Centers and Research Institutes to explore research based upon a common theme, to bring together faculty with complimentary interests, and to encourage research collaborations. New research centers, central to the mission of Villanova and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, will promote the acquisition of knowledge and provide educational and cultural opportunities for our students.


Faculty Awards

Each year, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recognizes outstanding achievement in scholarship and teaching. Many of our award winners apply innovative methods and ideas to both the classroom and to their research. Our talented faculty are often recognized through University awards for teaching innovation, scholarship, and faculty service.