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International Applicant Information

Front of Dougherty Hall
Front of Dougherty Hall

In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we have a wide range of post-baccalaureate programs, offering more than 20 master’s degrees. We also offer Ph.D's. in Philosophy and Theology.

You will be part of a vibrant and diverse intellectual community with ample opportunities for career development There are more than 10,000 undergraduate, graduate and law students in the University’s six colleges.

Villanova is home to students from all around the world, where more than sixty different countries are represented at the undergraduate level. Additionally, over eighteen percent of our graduate students across the university are from abroad.

How Do I Apply?

The entire application process is completed online. On our program requirements page, you will be able to find admission requirements for each program, start or continue an application, and check the status of your submitted application.

Deadlines for International Applicants

Typically, international students must obtain an I-20 and then a visa to become enrolled students in the U.S. Due to the processing time associated with these processes, international applicants must follow these earlier application deadlines:

Spring Entry - Complete application by October 15

Summer Entry - Complete application by April 1 (Please note: Applicants to the Human Resource Development program are not eligible to apply for the Summer term)

Fall Entry -  Complete application by May 1.  Scholarship and assistantship deadlines may be earlier than this, such as February 1 or March 1. Be sure to review your respective program's website for program deadlines.

If you are already in the U.S. and are transferring from another U.S. Master's Program, later applications may be permitted. Speak to the Program Director and Graduate Studies for more information on transferring. In order to transfer to Villanova, you will need to have a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the university you are currently attending.

What Does Villanova Cost?

Graduate tuition in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is charged on a per-credit basis; these tuition rates can be found on the Bursar's website. There is a $50 fee applied each semester for general university services. Two types of competitive, merit-based funding are available for full-time, matriculated degree-seeking students: Tuition Scholarships, which provide tuition remission for the total number of courses required for the degree; and Graduate Assistantships, which include a stipend along with tuition remission.  International students are eligible to apply for this funding. Click here for more information.

Academic Calendar

Villanova operates on the standard semester system, with courses offered in the fall, spring, and summer. Fall classes typically begin in mid-late August and end in mid-late December. Spring classes typically begin in mid-January and end in mid-May. Please check the academic calendar for specific dates based on the semester and year. Most courses are three credits each, and a full-time student generally takes 6 to 9 credits per term.


1. Proof of English Proficiency


English language proficiency can be demonstrated by submitting official test results directly from an in-person administration of TOEFL iBT or IELTS.  It is strongly recommended that applicants satisfy English language proficiency through either of these methods. Please write to to inquire about alternative testing options.

A score of 80 or higher on the TOEFL iBT test or 6.5 or higher on the IELTS test is required for students who speak a native language other than English.* TOEFL and IELTS scores are considered valid from exams taken a maximum of two years prior to application program deadlines. Please submit official TOEFL scores to Villanova using the school code 2959. Official IELTS scores can be sent electronically or by hard copy to the Graduate Studies Office. 

International applicants do not need to submit the TOEFL or IELTS if the applicant meets any of the following criteria: 

  • You are a citizen of Australia, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. 
  • You earned your prior college or university degree in the United States or one of the countries listed above.** 

For Theology PhD applicants, if the above criteria is met, you must then contact the Program Director to make the request to be considered for a TOEFL or IELTS waiver.

*Some programs require higher scores.

**Some programs may request a copy of the TOEFL or IELTS score you submitted for entrance to the institution in the United States at which you earned a degree. 

  • The Theology PhD program, Philosophy PhD program, and MA in Communication program require a minimum overall TOEFL score of 100, with a minimum score of 23 in each section. Additional skype interviews may also be required. Please inquire with the program director if would like to submit the IELTS in lieu of the TOEFL.
  • The MA programs in History, Political Science, and Theology require an overall TOEFL score of 90. Please inquire with the program director if would like to submit the IELTS in lieu of the TOEFL.

2. Credential Evaluation

Villanova requires that transcripts from colleges and universities outside the U.S. and Canada undergo a course-by-course analysis by an expert academic credential evaluator in the United States. Students are responsible for paying all fees for such evaluations and making arrangements with the credential evaluation company to send and receive their documents. The fee is approximately $160. Villanova recommends the members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) as acceptable evaluators. Information about NACES can be found here. If you are using the service of a credential evaluator that has the capability to send the credentials evaluation electronically, please instruct them to send it to; otherwise, please use the mailing address below.

3. Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts from all undergraduate and graduate institutions you have attended are required at time of application. Official transcripts are required after an admission decision has been rendered and before a student can enroll in classes. Please note that official transcripts will likely also be required by credential evaluating organizations.

Please submit all materials to:

Villanova University
Office of Graduate Studies
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Vasey Hall - Suite 202
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085

4. Financial Certification (if admitted)

Financial certification must be provided upon offer of admission. Official financial certification in the amount of $27,500 (amount subject to change) which covers tuition, living expenses, and health insurance for 1 academic year is a requirement for all international students in need of an F1 Visa.

The Office of International Student Services is provided by the University to aid foreign students in becoming oriented to the University and the community. International Students may also use the office for aid with U.S. immigration requirements, and for assistance in using the facilities of the University. Contact Hubert Whan Tong by email or telephone the Office of International Students 610-519-8017.

All foreign students must register with the Office of International Student Services each semester. Any change of address must be reported immediately.

Graduate Student Council (GSC)

Multicultural organizations on campus, such as:

  • International Student Outreach Society (ISOS)
  • Villanova Indian Students Association (VISA)
  • The Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA)
  • The Latin American Student Organization (LASO)
  • Vietnamese Students Association (VSA)

“Classes are usually very small, so there is always an opportunity for individual work with professors.” – Tatjana Prsa, Slovenia, Master of Science, Biology.

 “[Villanova] is allowing me to follow my dream of earning my Ph.D. and becoming a well-known scholar in the communication field. …. I am so excited to be part of the Villanova family now! - Marianela Nunez, Dominican Republic, Master of Arts, Communication.

“I believe my time in Villanova to be the continuation of my pursuit of education with an aim to free myself from induced and self-imposed ignorance.” - Shishav Parajuli, Nepal, Master of Arts, Political Science.

"Villanova has given me invaluable opportunities to conduct independent research and has prepared me for earning a PhD degree. As a first year, I've already presented posters at several conferences and I am involved in three different projects. I made the right decision coming to Villanova." - Joy (Yaeeun) Lee, Master of Arts, Psychology, Republic of Korea.

“Villanova University has offered me a new and dynamic approach to studies, with the availability of professors and the scholarly quest for truth and the need to help others in a changing world. Villanova is the right place for me, as I have found a home outside my home in Villanova University.”  - Andrew Chioma Ibegbulem, Master of Science, Counseling, Nigeria.

Thank you for selecting Villanova University for your graduate education, and congratulations on your admission. The graduate faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the staff of the Office of Graduate Studies look forward to welcoming you in person on campus. To help you prepare for your arrival and your time at the university, we have prepared the materials listed below.

Upon arriving at Villanova you might consider taking a course in the English for Everyday Life series through the College of Professional Studies (CPS). Students explore topics of interest from everyday life while practicing and building English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Please note: Courses through CPS will not count towards your degree in Graduate Studies. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Graduate Studies at with any questions.

Pre-Arrival Checklist

Pre-Arrival Booklet

Important Healthcare Information for International Students

The healthcare system in the United States is very different than those in other countries, and private health insurance is a very important component in the U.S.

When estimating the costs of attending school in the U.S., it is important for all prospective students to include the cost of obtaining private health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for medical care and prescription medication.

Villanova University requires all international students to provide evidence of comprehensive health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment.  Insurance coverage may either be purchased through a plan developed specifically for Villanova students or through another source, as long as the coverage that is purchased is comprehensive.

For purposes of estimating costs of attendance, the annual cost of student health insurance for international students who purchase the plan developed specifically for Villanova students is approximately $2,300, for Academic Year 2020-21.

For more information regarding the plan developed specifically for Villanova students, please refer to the Villanova University Student Health Center website.


Villanova belongs to EducationUSA.


EducationUSA centers are the U.S. State Department‘s network of over 400 advising centers in 170 countries designed to assist local students find the appropriate college or university in the United States. Click here to find your center!