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Alumni Association

St. Thomas of Villanova

The feeling of community and support that Villanova nurtures does not end at graduation. With opportunities to come together at alumni events, mentor and share expertise with current students, cheer on Villanova's teams, network with other Villanovans, invest in the University and fortify its future, we know it's true: Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

An Antiracist Campus Community

Since the summer of 2020, the Aequitas Task Force has been diligently working to create a Villanova community marked by a sense of openness, fairness and justice for all. In the process, we have come to see our work through the lens of antiracism and have adopted the aspirational goal of becoming an antiracist campus. The work of antiracism is not solely about race. The Task Force adopted an orientation that focuses on policies, practices and structures that create or sustain inequity of any minoritized people. Race becomes an entry point of focus; we know people are not just a single identity. The aspiration of becoming an antiracist campus means that we commit ourselves to work for justice and equity for everyone.

Virtual Programs and Resources

Nova Network - Villanova's social and professional networking platform

Join the Nova Network, Villanova's official social and professional network, to find Villanovans in your industry and local area, discuss career-related topics and access resources for your professional development.